Hi PCH nation. How’s everyone doing? Summer is really sizzling here at PCH. As you know, I’m always ready to tell you about all the great sweeps PCH has to offer, but today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the PCH App – and more specifically about the Treasure Chest rewards. And the best part is you don’t have to be a pirate to get in to win!

How many of you already have the PCH App? For those of you who do, do you have a favorite feature? I want to go over a few aspects for the PCH fans who don’t have it yet, and please feel free to join me in telling them all the benefits of having it in the comments below – not to mention how fun it is!

PCH App – Winners Every Day

As you already know, there are winners every single day at PCH – and the PCH App is no exception. With the PCH App, you can get in to win tons of money-making opportunities like: an exclusive Daily Prize Giveaway where you could win money, gift cards or merchandise (sometimes big expensive stuff and sometimes everyday items that everyone wants), access to Free Scratch Cards and Instant-Win games, 10X Entries to the Life-Changing SuperPrize daily plus 2X chances to win other Big Prizes, and 10X Token Rewards that can be redeemed for entries to lots of awesome stuff at the PCHRewards Token Exchange. The best part is that daily Winners Are Guaranteed!

PCH App Features – Treasure Chest

There is also a really cool feature called the Treasure Chest. And as the name implies, it’s filled with rewards. Inside the treasure chest you’ll find more entries to win the SuperPrize, daily prize giveaways and huge Token bonuses! It’s important to note that these are EXTRA rewards that our desktop and mobile web players aren’t getting!

AND… with the latest version of the PCH App on iOS, you’ll get more treasure chests than even before – so it’s definitely worth the download if you don’t already have it. Whether you have an Android or an Apple phone, you can download the PCH App and get started!

Convinced? Well, what are you waiting for? The PCH App Treasure Chest and its rewards, including all those extra SuperPrize entries, are just a few clicks away, so get in to win and play the PCH App today! Best of luck!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. I love to play the dart game on the spinning wheel! Actually like playing all of the games. See you soon Danielle, Dave, everyone at PCH!

  2. i use android & I am not getting any treasure chest except when i first log in on the app. It tells me in pop ups wait i did not complete my prize opportunities. I uninstalled then installed again & still no treasure chest??? Please help. I play so much & it is driving me cRaZy not getting the opportunities all other app users are getting

    1. Sometimes the previous section doesn’t get collected properly. So if you get to the treasure chest and it doesn’t open you just have to drag your progress back until you find the envelope not yet collected on the previous coin. Simply touch it with your finger and it will collect the tokens and entries. After that the treasure chest should open.

  3. Hi i have the app on my android phone but it doesn’t have the worlds play through part is that only for ois also what is ois lol and my fav part of the app is the bonus game just when you think you entered them all bame another set so relly its more 20 extra entrys o yeah lol be safe and stay healthy

  4. I called did I say this already both ups guys,sit up delivery for home. All was set up good to go. Now ups,hasn’t heard from me. Really that is Justin scam mire crap….

  5. At least I still can laugh someone Mitch or Andrew might have to hold my hand to get me to the pch promised land.

  6. Unlock my treasure chest rewards. How about lock me up with them and let me out the next time prize control calls me so I can be johnntlybon the spot to claim and win my prize……