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Want To Win A FREE Car From A PCH Car Giveaway?

Hello everyone! Here at PCH, we know the importance of having a trustworthy vehicle to get around in. Whether you need that reliable car to pick up the kids or grandkids or even get to the grocery store and back home, PCH has got you covered! With all of the cars and trucks being given away ALL THE TIME at PCH, there has to be one that makes you think: YES! That’s the one!

There is so much variety! For instance, take a look at this blog post right here. A few months ago, PCH gave away this 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid. I took one look at this gorgeous black beauty and knew this would be the perfect car for someone with a large family. The car is so spacious and sleek looking that it also could have made a solo traveler very happy since the car is perfect for all terrains!

Maybe the truck style is more your speed. Well, you’re in luck then! Click or tap here to enter our current truck giveaway that’s going on RIGHT NOW! That’s right, we’re currently giving away a Ford F150 — and it’s completely free to enter! Valued at $65,549, this truck simply looks AWESOME and is waiting for its brand-new owner! Could that be you?

Want to check out a recent winner of a truck giveaway? Danielle from the PCH Prize Patrol recently surprised Megan P. of Wauwatosa, WI at her home. Turns out, Megan was the winner of the brand new 2020 Ford F150 XL giveaway! If you want to see Megan’s winning moment, this video will warm your heart!

PCH really loves to give fans the wheels they need to get around. So many PCH winners who have won some amazing cash sweepstakes have used their newfound riches to buy their very own vehicles! Mike Flaherty might not have won a truck giveaway, but he’s always wanted to own a four door Ford truck! With the help of the money he won from PCHlotto, Mike made his dreams come true by purchasing the truck himself! See Mike’s gorgeous new truck in his interview with Matt as part of the “Where are they now?” series!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, PCH loves to give away cars and trucks. If you want to claim your shot to be the next winner of a PCH Car Giveaway, then enter this Ford F150 truck giveaway! Who knows, maybe YOU could be the next person the Prize Patrol surprises!

Good luck entering!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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  1. Good Morning everyone at PCH! Yes I want to win GWY NUM 19011 of a Ford F-150 XLT or the prize funds of $48,659.00 In Just Weeks have a lovely Day everyone at PCH.

  2. Hello PCH, I love you, been playing for years now, I really need a car, and more, been praying for a win, now its 2022, still playing haven’t won, but I’m keeping my head up, through this inflation time we’re living in, I will not give up, not only I but, my family too, I pray that one day hoping soon I will be a winner.