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This Week’s Edition of Howie’s To-Do List!

Hello, friends and fans! I hope today finds you feeling happy and excited to learn about all the great new sweepstakes prizes we have in store for you!

If it’s Monday, it’s time for Howie’s Weekly To-Do List! Nobody does it better than Howie from the Prize Patrol – so let’s get to it!

Ready? Click on the button below and find out what’s on the exciting sweepstakes “agenda” from Howie in this week’s segment.

So now that Howie has given you the scoop, let’s recap this week’s home-sweet-home to-dos:

Howie’s PCH To Do List

$10,000.00 For Brand New Appliances

If your house is anything like mine, a $10,000.00 cash infusion for a new television, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and/or microwave would be AWESOME! But don’t wait to get in to win – the last day of this event is 10/8, so click on the link in Howie’s post RIGHT NOW!

$35,000.00 Kitchen Cash-In

If someone could hand you a pile of cash to get rid of clunky old kitchen cabinets (with doors that stick and shelves that look like they’re only one pull away from breaking off), outdated appliances (does your microwave have a dial too?), or an actual pantry (instead of one sad shelf), then the $35,000.00 Kitchen Cash-In was made for you. Click the link in the post to check it out.

$1,250,000.00 Dream Home Sweepstakes

Whether you dream of remodeling your home from the ground up or just buying the home of your dreams, the PCH Dream Home Sweepstakes has your family’s name written all over it! Just think of all the ways you could turn your dreams into reality with a $1.25 MILLION DOLLAR WIN!

I bet there are already a million home projects you can think of that a BIG CASH WIN would help you conquer! Don’t wait – get in to win these super sweepstakes NOW by clicking on each link in the video post and keep going back to click on every single link so you’re in to WIN EACH PRIZE!

And when you’re done, head on over to the other PCH sites. There are so many fun ways to get in to WIN! You can…
Play games as often as possible
• Get news and entertainment info at PCHfrontpage
Take quizzes all day long
• Do your web searches on everything and anything at PCHsearch&win
Go to PCHlotto where you can get in to win millions and change your life.

Don’t forget to check in on every Monday and take advantage of Howie’s To-Do List of new PCH Sweepstakes. It’s an exciting and easy way to keep up with all of the great prizes currently available – and PCH is always FREE to enter and FREE to WIN!

Good luck!

All the best,

Maria S.
PCH Online Creative

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