Winning Moment Here! The Prize Patrol Watch Party — Extended Cut

Hello everyone! Today, I’m so excited to share with you some never-before-seen footage in the Prize Patrol Watch Party — Extended Cut! In this video, Dave tells us all about what happened when he surprised Florida winner, Lana S., with a millionaire-making SuperPrize! Since the rest of the Prize Patrol couldn’t be there to witness the winning moment, Danielle had a lot of questions! As Danielle and Dave chat about the winning moment, we get some inside scoop on what Lana plans to do with her money and how hard she tried to “keep the faith”.

Watch the video right here, and then keep reading!

I don’t know about you all, but watching this video was so fun because of the behind-the-scenes tidbits that Dave mentions about the winning moment! As Dave recounts the morning of the “Big Check” delivery, he mentions that it was early in the morning and that Lana’s husband opened the door! If you could be the next winner of a PCH prize and the Prize Patrol came to your door, would you want them to arrive early in the morning like they did for Lana? Or late at night? Perhaps a happy medium like midday?

Of course, Dave reminisces about the time before the pandemic when he could hug the winner, but he makes sure to say he followed social distancing. Danielle also chimes in with a funny joke about how the “Big Check” is a good measuring stick to make sure everyone is properly distanced from one another. Did you catch that joke? Danielle also makes sure to ask Dave a very good question — did Lana think she would ever win? Dave tells us that Lana didn’t think it would actually happen but that she just kept the faith!

I always love finding out what the winners are going to use their money for. Maybe they want to pay off bills or buy a new house or car? Dave lets us know that Lana and her husband want to use the RV they bought a few years ago to take a trip out West with their two big dogs — something they’ve been dreaming about for a while now.

Wow, I really loved watching that Prize Patrol Watch Party — Extended Cut! I learned some new things about the winner and her winning moment, and I hope you all did too! Like Danielle says at the end of the video, always keep the faith, keep on entering, and maybe the Prize Patrol will knock on your door next. Who knows, maybe the next Prize Patrol Watch Party — Extended Cut video could review your very own winning moment!

Good luck entering and keep the faith!

Ilona K.
PCH Creative

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  1. make my day and furthermore I would definitely be excited just by seeing the prize patrol at my door That would definitely make my life brighter and also I would love to see the prize patrol from PCH

  2. I am and will be grateful and excited to see Dave 10/31 with my big check of $1,000.00 A Day for Life. Thank you for this, me and my family will not struggle anymore and my mom, daughters, and me. It will truly be a life changing event I have never not struggled in life!!

    1. Hello Hazel, we are thrilled that you’re so eager and determined to win! You’ve got to be “in it to win it” so keep trying and don’t give up. All of our winners are randomly selected and every entry has the same chance of winning; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. There are so many ways to submit an entry into our many exciting giveaways each day. You can check them all out here: Good luck to you and all who enter!!

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