What Would Be On Your PCH SuperPrize Vision Board?

Greetings, fans and friends,

A few weeks ago here on our #WinnerWednesday blog, I introduced you to Car-Mile W., a winner of several small Publishers Clearing House prizes and a self-described “PCH Professional Entrant,” who’s been entering our Sweeps for 24 years.

In fact, Car-Mile sent me photos of the “Vision Board” (shown above) she’s created that includes photos of the Prize Patrol, pictures of things she’d do if she won, and special words and sayings that motivate her to stay in it to win it. After she told us about her Vision Board, another blog reader commented that she wanted to create one, too!

Car-Mile’s Vision Board features pictures of Dave, Danielle, Todd and Howie … magazine clippings of her dream home and luxury automobiles … and words like “Dream,” “Imagine” and “Believe.”

And she’s still not through: “I have so many things I’ve collected over the years that I want to add onto my PCH SuperPrize Vision Board,” Car-Mile says.

If you had a PCH SuperPrize Vision Board, what would YOU put on it?

What pictures or photos would you add?
What words of inspiration would you write?
What dreams would you express?

Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget, the only way to possibly make your vision a reality is to enter, enter, enter!

Good Luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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  1. My vision board will have pictures of all the people I will help including a check to St Jude and my animal friends at the local shelters. I am going to make a SUPER LARGE BIG CHECK WITH MY NAME ON IT!
    From PCH prize patrol!

  2. I have a vision for sure the The Dream Home I have never had a home of my own. I would cry my eyes out that has always been my Dream. I am in my sixties and I have never had the money to have a beautiful home of my own. However, winning the biggest prize of all would be the greatest thing to that i could ever have. Please Lord…Let me win!!! Do I have time to make a vision board?

    1. Abundant blessings Mrs. Smith It is never to late for your Dreams to come true. Never give up on your Dreams. Keep the Faith & Believe. As I was told Write the Vision. Winning blessings sent your way. Happy Entering

  3. My vision board with look like there would be pictures of me and my 11-year-old baby girl, my partner and son have pictures of my parents that are no longer with us anymore ah my sister. And at the very top middle and all round with state words Determination, never give up, as well as if you believe it you could achieve it. and as well little words such as dream, believe, hope, happiness, family, friends, and faith because without all of these I view nothing as fulfilling is that. See for me Winnie PCH and price patrol coming knocking on my door would be a dream come true Anna prayer from above because how would be able to provide for my child Beyond a greater imagination than anybody could believe. i would be Able to provide for her everything that I stressed about my life. And I would try to instill with her that true money isn’t everything and yes it can buy you anything and that’s what makes the world go around. I would try to install with my daughter Teacher how to save and invest things that I have always dreamt about that never really could do living paycheck to paycheck. An ad would remind her how money can make people really evil or mean l always remember life today isn’t what it used to be and tomorrow’s not going to be today but I can promise you that I love you. And I would say to my daughter Heavenah No matter how much someone says you can’t do something, shouldn’t, or They feel that they need to tell you that you believe in something else then what you believe in Baby please don’t cause mommy’s here to tell you people used to laugh at her i say I was ridiculous it’s not so ridiculous now then We are winners. now let’s go on vacation baby girl. IM IN TO WIN….

  4. We live next to a man who smokes dope and chain smokes cigarettes all night long. My other half is bedridden and on O2, and I have pulmonary fibrosis and asthma. I can’t breathe when this begins and I cough all night. We have trouble breathing due to him. We can’t afford to move, we have tried turning him in. No luck.
    We even need a washer as it is 17 years old.
    I’m handicapped as well, and when you are both near 60, and with him being bedridden, a lot of things aren’t feasible.

    We could really use the prize!!

  5. I am in it to win it! My vision board would have, don’t get discouraged! Keep trying! I could win, yeah! Dreams are free but this takes work. Enter, Enter, Enter, Scammer go away! My life could became better with a “Super Prize Win!”

    1. Hi Edie, it sounds like you’re definitely “in it to win it” and that’s awesome to hear! Keep trying and don’t give up.