I don’t know about you, but I get scam phone calls, emails and even text messages all the time. It’s really annoying, not to mention disheartening. It also makes me worry for other people that may not realize it’s a scam. That’s why today I want to answer a common question we get here from those who believe they’ve won a prize because someone on social media contacted them. “Is this person on social media really from PCH?”

The answer is NO! PCH and the PCH Prize Patrol never contact winners on Social Media. Regardless of how authentic the communication you received on social media may seem, it’s not from the real Publisher Clearing House. It’s because of these types of incidents that we put out blog after blog and social media post after social media post on scam prevention. We don’t want you to get scammed!

So, what can you do? Well, you can make it really difficult for yourself to be scammed. How do you do that? By not sharing any personal information on Social Media. Here is a quick, handy list of things you should NEVER POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA:

Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Social Security Number
Your Birthdate
Information About Your Family

Any Private Information That You Wouldn’t Share With A Stranger

Here are some great resources. For scam prevention advice, look at our Scam Prevention tab on Facebook and our Fraud Protection page at PCH. com. Lots of great information here, folks.

Has anyone out there had a scam experience which fraudulently used the PCH name? How did you handle it? Please share your story in the comments below. We’re all in this together, and scammers can get pretty darn creative, so it’s important that we keep each other informed. Let’s spread the word on scammers!

BUT if you get a knock at the door and it’s one or more members of the famous PCH Prize Patrol with flowers, a camera crew and a “Big Check,” then by all means open it! That visit could change the rest of your life! And don’t think that a pandemic is going to stop us from delivering SuperPrizes. Our team is taking every safety precaution to keep you and themselves safe!

So the next time you get contacted on social media which tells you that you have won a PCH prize, and you find yourself asking the question, “Is this person on social media really from PCH?” – you’ll know it’s a scam, and even better, you know what NOT to do! In the meantime, keep entering PCH sweepstakes, playing PCH games and engaging with us on social media. You never know, you could get a knock on your door!

Tina P.
Online Creative


  1. I forgot to tell you that I take care of a two year old man me and my husband and his name is Jimmy Urie and that is actually the kind of work me and my husband do and he pays us once a month and actually I cook every night big meals and the homeless that are running around Cherryville I feed them and if someone don’t have a place to stay and if I have room I let him sleep here so I would like to donate stuff some to the I’ll probably donate some back to PCH you’re wonderful you’re blessed y’all God bless y’all going to be blessed and I like I said I’m in it to win it and give you all my numbers

  2. Okay first I start out my name is Kathleen and I have been married a wonderful 34 years to say men he was a bricklayer and now he has retired he had operation couple years back and had metal rod put down his back it’s wonderful it’s wonderful God’s Goods and so is PCH I’m a bed and oh Jesus I’m scared for words but I’ve never wanted anything in my life never no I take that back I might want a bag of groceries walking out of a store or something but my husband’s name is James E Lowery and he’s 53 wonderful man God couldn’t give me a better man and I have a daughter her name is Eva Kathleen Johnson and she’s 37 and I have a son he said 31 this covid-19 took my daughter when she was 32 bless her and me 54 25th this month and I have a wonderful son-in-law his name is Jerry Johnson and he’s also 54 I have a daughter-in-law Melissa dilco and she is 47 and I have nine grandbabies all girls accepted to and that’s it just my world right there and y’all just helped me y’all making a change in my life to get me out of this neighborhood that I can God knows I feel like I’m living in a junk file

  3. The Constant and very time consuming “Yahoo” adds on the App have made it horrible, unfun, and all but unbearable to use any more . Used to love it, now I dread it. Over six year user losing interest.

    1. We’re happy to assist you with this problem, but we are going to need some additional information to resolve this issue. Please reach out to our technical support team by clicking the link right here:, or by calling our technical team at 1-800-476-4724. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I DON T LIKE THE…OFFICIAL RULES..HOW TO GET PAY… the winner will receive $50,000.00 a year for 29 years and a final payment of $1,050,000.00 in the 30th year…that not good i be dead…

    1. Hello Don! That type of payment is just one of many default ways we would pay out a winner. If you happen to be a winner, you may discuss the payment options with the Prize Patrol and choose what works best for you! Have a wonderful week!

      1. Do that I will do that and or I mean I will do that I will talk to discuss it with the prize Patrol y’all are so wonderful I’ve been on this thing for so long I’m never going to stop bragging about you I’m going to I’m going to suggest everybody to playoff games and I’m coming back

  5. Thanks again Tina P. I can’t believe this goes on! But It has happened to me too! Heart breaking just keep on playing on remain IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

  6. Thanks for letting us know. Pch fan vip elite dreaming You knock on My door 🚪 good luck to all fans 🙏😀❤️👍🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈👋

  7. Yeah we get that all the time and that gets aggravating they keep saying they’re from the PCH and the thing about it is how do they even get my phone numberit must be somebody in y’all’s Network that’s giving out the phone numbers y’all really need to tighten up around there and start checking everyone that works for y’all in your company and maybe check people that’s work for y’all in the past that knows y’all’s passwords and stuff y’all need to do a lot of work because something is not right I never got scamscalls before until I started playing this PCH

    1. Anytime you’re on the Internet, you’re being followed, believe me. It’s too big to control. You can search people and get their phone numbers very easily.

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