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Ralph Esparza Jr

#WinnerWednesday: Ralph E. Won $100,000 After Entering Faithfully For Years

When Haliimaile, Hawaii resident Ralph Esparza Jr. opened his front door and became the surprised recipient of roses, balloons and a Big Check — for $100,000 — he simply could not believe it. When the Prize Patrol told him that this “winning moment” was 100% real (just like he’d seen on TV), he replied, “[I’m in] shock. Shock!” Even then it took a while (and a confirmation call to PCH headquarters) for the reality to sink in. “I could pay bills and do so much,” he said. After years of entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes he was a legit winner. Congrats, Ralph!

More Ways To Win!

Looking for more fun ways to collect tokens and enter PCH sweepstakes? If you take any of our brain-tickling, 20-question quizzes at PCHquizzes, you’ll score 200 tokens for each correct answer — that’s a whopping 4,000 tokens per quiz for answering 100% correctly! You can also peruse a short, entertaining slideshow at PCHfrontpage and, if you click through to another slideshow, you’ll bank 1,000 tokens. Pretty easy, right? You’re welcome!

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  1. Allways!! 👍👍
    In it to Winnn it!!🤑🤑
    Thanks again and again
    To Publishers Clearing House😁😁❤❤😁😁
    The Best!!! #1
    Dream Team Ever!!😁👍

  2. Can’t Wait till the
    Prize Patrol cones and knocks on my door a son..
    It’ll b the my dream come true for 2022 and help my family’s dreams and allll the doggies in the world’s dreams come true too..😁Love! you! Pch❤❤❤
    You guys are a really huge Blessing & do make dreams comes true..
    Thank You sooo much.

  3. 8/26/2019
    6/28/2021 ——- $ 10.00 , each
    I won from pch
    I’m waiting for the big one to land..
    Cone pch bring it. Congrats to all winners….