What Should Be On The Prize Patrol Van Playlist?

August 30th is closer than you think! It’s literally right around the corner! We’re so excited to be making someone’s dreams come true in just DAYS. That’s right folks, on August 30th YOU could be winning $5,000 A Week For Life! WOW that sounds pretty nice rolling off the tongue doesn’t it? As a lot […]

Where Could The Prize Patrol Van Stop For Lunch In Your Town?

Hello my favorite PCH people! In true PCH fashion, we are gearing up to award one lucky winner with $5,000 A Week For Life on August 30th! I love when we start to get close to award day because everyone at PCH gets SO excited and giddy about the approaching surprise giveaway! Howie, Dave and […]

How Does the Prize Patrol Van Get From Place to Place?

I know a lot of you guys have so many questions you’d love to ask the Prize Patrol! I wish I had time right now to answer them all! But for now I have time for one answer. A major question we get asked all the time is: “How does the Prize Patrol van get […]

Win the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize and Receive Continuous Payments!

We are so close to February 28th. And THAT means that we are so close to making someone’s dreams come true by knocking on their door and presenting them with $5,000 A Week “Forever”! Oh my goodness, just saying that out loud is getting me so excited!!! Just imagine, if you were to be the winner […]

Describe Your Reaction In 1 Word

ALERT, ALERT! WE ARE AWARDING A GUARANTEED $5,000 A WEEK “FOREVER” PRIZE ON FEBRUARY 28TH! Most of you may know this already, but if you didn’t know, NOW YOU DO! It’s going to be a pretty big deal when the end of February comes around, because that means one lucky person is going to receive […]

What’s Howie Guja Looking Forward to In 2019?

I sat down with Prize Patrol Elite member Howie Guja to see what he’s looking forward to in the year ahead as well as some other fun questions that I’m sure lots of you would love to know the answers to! Read along to see what Howie Guja had to say! What things are coming […]