Meet Stefanie: Behind the Scenes with PCH’s New Senior Manager of Social!

Hi everyone! We’ve been very excited about our new blog installment where we highlight PCH employees and tell you a little bit about them and their day-to-day. Next up on the list, MEET STEFANIE, our new Senior Manager of Social Media! I sat down with Stefanie and asked her a few behind the scenes juicy […]

PCH Big Winners In The Local News

Hi all! Just a brief preface … the blog team absolutely LOVES reading the fan comments that you all leave on our blog posts! They are so much fun to read, and we just love the kindness and positivity that radiates from them! What a lot of you may not know though, is that we […]

Follow Along For Clues On Today’s $2,500 A Week “Forever” Prize!

Today is a pretty special day here at PCH if you ask me. And I’m guessing it’s a special day for you all reading along. Why … you might ask? Well – today is the glorious day that ONE LUCKY WINNER is going to receive a prize they will never forget! It’s the $2,500 A […]

September TV Commercials Are Here!

Guys, guess what? I’M JUST BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT to tell you about our all new GUARANTEED SuperPrize that will be awarded on October 26th! Yes, you read that right, GUARANTEED! One lucky winner will definitely receive $2,500 A Week “Forever” on October 26th! That means every single week for the rest of their lives, someone […]

PCH Pay Day is Coming!

PCH Pay Day is fast approaching friends! We’re beyond excited to remind you that on August 31st one lucky winner is going to be getting a surprise knock on their door, where they will be greeted by the Prize Patrol with balloons, roses, champagne, oh and let’s not forget a BIG CHECK for $1,000 A […]