Emotional Publishers Clearing House Moment for Florida Prize Winner

Florida resident Ronald Burton went to work that day expecting it to be just like any other day of the week. Suddenly, he was called to his manager’s office. “I thought, ‘Why does he want to see me immediately?’ I thought I was in trouble,” he revealed after it was all over. Little did he know the PCH Prize Patrol was waiting behind the conference room door.

“The first thing I saw was a camera in my face and then the Big Cardboard Check turned backward,” Burton said. “Then I saw the man in the jacket and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness!'”

The famous prize award team had first gone to the Publishers Clearing House winner’s home and surprised his wife, with a $10,000 check. She then took them to Burton’s place of employment.

“I looked over and saw my wife, and there were tears coming out of her eyes. It was a heck of an experience. It came at a perfect time with Christmas around the corner and the way the economy is and everything,” he said. The cash prize money will allow them to pay bills and have plenty left over for some fun.

Each sweepstakes winning moment is unique. What kind of an experience do you think your “PCH Moment” would be, if you won?

Waiting to hear from you,

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

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  1. To PCH,PRIZE PATROL TEAM ,IT would be very much emotional for me for I’ve been trying to do everything need to see you come to see me my children are not very supportive of me just laugh and get up set that I put my every minute into it . my husband passed. Three years ago and we farmed most of our lives never really been places and me by my self is hard to get by so I do hope you do come see me to show them if you have faith and believe and try hard enough things happen thank you all.AT PCH I WANT TO BE SET FOR MY REMAINING LIFE. AND HAVE SOME FUN. HELP MY GRANDCHILREN MY FAMLIES MY FRIENDS.