No New Jersey Prize Winners at PCH?

Recently a PCH Blog reader commented that no one from New Jersey can win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. This is not true, as all timely entries have an equal chance of winning. In fact, just a few months ago a New Jersey resident won VERY big in the PCH contest.

Doris Gray, of South Orange, NJ, was surprised in February 2009 by the PCH Prize Patrol who named her the winner of one of its largest sweepstakes SuperPrizes ever: $5,000.00 A Week – for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Gray, a math teacher at PS 12 in Paterson, NJ, was surprised by the Prize Patrol on her lunch hour, when the school principal called her to the lunch room. In front of the lunch room packed with children and her husband Willie (whom the Prize Patrol found at their home), Gray was shocked, teary and speechless to learn of her win. You can watch Doris Gray’s sweepstakes winning moment on

The PCH Prize Patrol was accompanied by the NJ Star Ledger which reported on and videotaped the story of the new Publishers Clearing House winner.

In addition, the PCH Prize Patrol will soon be blanketing the country to award brand new cash sweepstakes prizes to 101 Winners in 101 zip codes all across America. With so many prizes, the chances there could be a winner in New Jersey and in YOUR area are better than you might think! If you hurry, you can fill out an online sweepstakes entry at to go for one of these prizes.

Good luck, whatever state you live in!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

Publishers Clearing House a.k.a. PCH

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  1. Hi my name is Keisha and I’ll be playing this game every day in the middle of the night I get up to play this game , I’m from Trenton New Jersey now I’m addicted to this game and my boyfriend keep telling me to quit because is not real ,we get into argument cuz I’ll tell him it’s real and, I tell him that it’s real people win this game . He is such a noodle brain Lol😂😂😂😂 I pray to God that the patrol car will come to my house in Trenton New Jersey.☺

  2. I feel.the same way! I enter with and without purchasing… which,by the way, isn’t supposed to matter! As populated as Jersey is, six and a half years seems like a state that’s been overlooked:(

  3. I don’t know, I’ve been entering PCH sweepstakes for over 30 years now and have won nothing, and I live in New Jersey, lol. I’ve entered and purchased and I’ve entered and not purchased. Just saying.