PCHSearch&Win’s big day – Last day to enter to win the Ford Escape Hybrid

Just because the Holidays haven’t officially started, it doesn’t mean my colleagues at PCHSearch&Win can’t start the giving a little early. Today Monday, December 14th, PCHSearch&Win is ramping up the winning in true holiday spirit. The PCHSearch&Win team is very excited about this big day so they’re asking me to spread the word.

Today searching can get you:

– DOUBLE entries for a Ford Escape Hybrid from Publishers Clearing House (Giveaway No. 1350)! It’s the last day to enter!

– An entry to win $1,000.00 Christmas Cash (Giveaway No. 1473). Wouldn’t winning $1,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House on December 25th make your holidays even happier? You bet!

    Lastly, a new PCHSearch&Win INSTANT WINNER will be selected every 10
    MINUTES all day. Remember to search because a Gift Card up to $100.00
    could become yours instantly!

    So sign in/register today at PCHSearch&Win and start searching!

    Happy holidays and good luck,

    Frank Alb

    PCH Community Coordinator

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    1. If I was the person that won, I would thank God for this miracle. I had a Brain tumor in 2000 and have not been able to work since. If I won their would be a lot of people that i would help and pay off all my medical bills. plus help a lot of needy children that needs help.

    2. If I couls just win once I would help my kids and my family, and needed people. I have being entering now for along time. I hope that it will be my turn soon.

    3. With Insurance & Housepayments that pretty much deplete our monthly income. I have been praying for a finacial breakthrough. I search everyday for a happy and exciting news from PCH to releave the preasure.

    4. I pay that I can win help my kids and family, So I hope it be me,Me and my husand would like to take long tip.be cause he need this he is this disalber,he can not work.Posted by:Teresa T.

    5. It would be wonderful to win, not just for my self but for many family members and friends. Most would go to charities in my community. There is one very special one I have in mind. God Bless!