PCHGames Online Mahjong Dimensions Tournament Pointers and Tips

Yesterday, I let you all know about the PCHGames online Mahjong Dimensions cash prize tournament happening on January 20th and the practice round that starts today. To celebrate the first day of the practice round I went around to some people here in the office and asked them for some pointers and tips on how to play the game.

All in all I received some good recommendations. I even learned a couple things that can increase your scores! So here’s what I found out from my coworkers Janice and Kimberly.

First off, the bonus scoring works as follows:

  • Speed Match Combo: You’ll activate a point multiplier if you make a match within three seconds of another match.
  • Multi-Match combo: You’ll get bonus points for matching several of the same image types in a row.
  • Time Bonus: At the end of the game, you will get extra points for every second left on the clock.

And some tips for scoring more points:

  • Match the same image types in a row to get more points
  • Build a large speed match combo by planning a few moves in advance
  • Use the arrow keys to rotate the stack

That about sums up the pointers and tips that I got. Maybe they’ll help you increase your Mahjong Dimension scores in time for the tournament!


Frank Alb

Community Coordinator

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  1. Good Morning, Truly Happy for Neil’s big win.

    Now Dillon H, I would like to address another subject. Who is coming up with these games that have a violent theme? There is so much corrupt in the world of games in general, therefore, why would PCH get involved with such degraded thoughts. This would not be good for your squeaky good reputation until now. The Monkey eaten by snakes, and Sherriff theme with guns and other paraphernalia is not what I want to involve myself with. I barely tolerate the lotto, CANSINO type of games, only because there is no money involved on my part. I am an older, mature person who will not lower her standards’, in the name of fun or supposedly innocent games. The Mahjong games are great and your Sunken Treasures are great fun. The Toy Chest is hard to complete in time but it’s total fun also. Your card games are great. Please keep these and add more of these genuinely innocent and fun games. You are doing such a great job. I’m sure that you will get this information to the person or persons who create the games for PCH.

    Thank You for your kind attention to this important concern.

    Super fan: Annette Anderson

  2. I wish everybody the best of luck & may God bless everybody. who plays the PCHGames. I hope & pray that god would send David, knocking on my front door. But i leave it up to God, if he would want me to win! Thank u JESUS! I pray, LORD hear my prayers! Amen! Jesus C. Perez!

  3. I have been entering Pch sweepstakes sents 1969 when I sold Magazine subsciption for the Cub Scouts, and I am still entering. Maybe some day I will get that nock on the door. Nothing ventured nothing gained ? “Good Luke to All”

  4. PCH has awarded over $220 Million in sweepstakes prizes to REAL people from all walks of life, all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, economic conditions and geographic areas. Winners are selected at random and all entries have an equal chance of winning.

  5. It seems really fishy that most of the winners r down south or out west. If u ask me i think that someone should look into why so many win in those places and don’t tell me some rating system them i will tell u that yeah right then i am winning the mega million jackpot this friday i am just saying i have been watching the winners and something is not right here.

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