Enjoy a Glimpse of a PCH Tradition – Freebie Friday!

Publishers Clearing House is a great place to work. Although I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed that as an employee I’m not eligible to win PCH prizes

But there’s a long-standing PCH tradition that (almost) makes up for it called…Freebie Friday!

Throughout the year, our merchandise buyers are sent thousands of samples by various vendors. After they’re evaluated, they end up in storage. Same goes for merchandise samples that are ordered from our warehouse to ensure quality control. A few times a year, when the storage closets get too full … a Freebie Friday is declared!

It’s quite a sight! The merchandise department takes over our large cafeteria and literally piles items on the tables. From home décor to kitchen gadgets to books and videos and more, there’s a lot to be found! It’s like the biggest tag sale you’ve ever seen and the best part is – as PCH employees, we can “shop” for free!

At the last Freebie Friday I snagged an attractive photo cube to display my children’s pictures, a cozy throw blanket featuring an inspirational Bible Verse and an awesome Ohio State football Bobblehead doll (Go Buckeyes)! While I can’t win PCH prizes, all you readers out there can – so visit PCH.com and  keep trying! As for me, I’ll be waiting for the next time I can experience the joy of “winning” — a great Freebie Friday find!

Good luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative Department

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  1. I saw a kitchen gadget on your web site a while back, and would like to have one, I can not tell you the name of it but, I can explain what it looks like. It is stainless steel with a handle and looks like a pizza cutter only with 3 or 4 smaller blades, it is used to cut up fresh seasoning for cooking. I would like vey much to have one or two of these. If you know what I am talking about please send me a e-mail and I will order it right away.
    Thank you Ruth Hansen