Win a Million Dollars in the PCH Cash Sweepstakes

How would you like the "Million Dollar Look?"

There’s an ad in The New York Times for a Hong Kong clothes-maker who promises a “Million Dollar Look” to the person who buys a “CEO Package” of suits for $1,699 or a “President Package” of apparel for $1,099 or a variety of shirts, slacks and tuxedos at expensive prices.

Well, that purchase might make you LOOK like a million; but I maintain it would be better to WIN a million — from Publishers Clearing House. And you wouldn’t have to purchase a thing. In fact, you could win a lot more than a million in the PCH cash sweepstakes: maybe $10 Million or $5,000 A Week for Life!

Mark Twain said “Clothes make the man.” But wouldn’t you rather have a fabulous SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House than mere clothes?

If your answer is “You betcha,” you’ve come to the right place. No need to go to the mall or a department store or a fashion boutique. You can get that Million Dollar Look the minute our Prize Patrol knocks on your door with balloons, roses and a Big Check and announces, “You are a Publishers Clearing House winner!”

I’ve yet to meet a new PCH millionaire who didn’t give our video camera a Million Dollar reaction – and I’ve known over fifty of them among hundreds of other cash sweepstakes winners. Sometimes the reaction is a gigantic smile; sometimes it’s a weakening of the knees and a sinking to the floor; sometimes it’s big crocodile tears; sometimes it’s a jubilant ‘Hallelujah” – like Marilyn Ragin’s recent winning moment. But it’s always a Million Dollar Look: a look that I’m sure you’ll give us if you win.

As I said, you’ve come to the right place. Just go to to enter sweepstakes right now!

Here’s hoping you’ll enter, WIN, and give us a Million Dollar Look!


Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. It would be a magical dream to win Millions of dollars sweep stake. It can do SO much good to the needy ones. Not only helping myself, after working 63 yrs. and retired at age 80. But to help others that their dream can come true. Especially, the children that were born with disfigured facials and need surgeries. Also, the wounded soldiers (in hospitals) and blinded Vets who gave their lives for our beautiful country. But of course, giving to my faith, for their organization that are reaching out to bring more people to Christ so that they will be save and have eternal life.

  2. I would like to make my dream come true by winning the 10 million dollars sweep stake. Not only will I be secure but to help my family. Also, to donate to charities. To my faith, wounded soldiers, blinded soldiers, “Smile Train” (children with facial disfigured that require for surgeries)., and to the needy ones (regardless of age).

    Thank you PCH for changing lives.

  3. It would be a dream to win 10 million dollars sweep stake. May God bless me to be able to secure myself and help my family. Also, to do donation to charities. Also, to help the needy ones. It would be a blessing to be able to help others.

  4. It would be a dream to win 10 million dollars. May God let this miracle blessing happen for me not only to help myself, but to have the opportunity to help my family and people in need. Also, to donate to charity.

  5. It will need a miracle blessing to win 10 million dollars sweep stake. Not only to help my family & myself, but to be able to bless others with this blessing. There are so many situation that Really need someone to give them a hand.

  6. i want to win so as to help others, people say this is not real i want them to know that you are real,. i want to be able give PCH a good report. i want to get bibles for my church the KJV in large print so people will be able to read with no problem. i want a new church home instead of a store front with the sign where people can see it and know that it is God’s House when you come in you feel His spirit. Amen