Thirsty Egyptian Cotton Towels – Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

B Lyons PCH Merchandise 100

“Who Doesn’t Enjoy Luxury!”

-Barb Lyons

Senior Director, PCH Merchandising

There’s nothing quite as sweet as getting out of the shower or bath in the morning and wrapping yourself in a baby soft, fluffy, pretty towel. Especially one that’s big enough to wrap around your body, and drinks up so much moisture you barely even need to move it around to dry off.

That’s the kind of luxury rich people have enjoyed for years. So when a few of us here at Publishers Clearing House started talking about the possibility of offering bath towels to the customers we love, I said, “I want the BEST!”

We sent one of our favorite product buyers, Kim Gardiner, halfway around the world to track down towels with the most wonderful fiber … Egyptian cotton. We wanted to offer thick, lovely bath towels woven from long, super-absorbent, continuous threads of fine Egyptian cotton. After all, that’s the secret that makes those rick folks’ towels so fantastic… they’re Egyptian Cotton towels!

And she found it!

We designed our own dream Egyptian Cotton towels … thick enough, soft enough, big enough – with custom decorative borders. We chose beautiful pastel colors that can match with just about any bathroom décor. Then I said, “LET’S GIVE OUR CUSTOMERS A DEAL THEY CAN’T GET ANYWHERE ELSE!” (I know I’m SO demanding!)

After all, these towels are Gold Coast brand – a name that means quality, luxury and savings! And we are having them manufactured exclusively for PCH, so we can pass the savings on to you.

The result? One of the most fabulous Buy 1 Get 1 FREE deals we’ve ever offered … Gold Coast Thirsty Egyptian Cotton towels, in your choice of three marvelous colors.

I own them. I love them! I’m sure YOU will too.

Best regards,


P.S. Do you ever try those products seen on TV? I saw one product that intrigued me so much we are offering it to Publishers Clearing House customers. The as seen on TV product is UGlu® – a remarkable Peel & Press tape that creates an instant bond on any surface. For example: do you have a rug that is slipping? Just put a small strip of UGlu® between the rug and the floor. No more slipping! Or is the sole of one of your shoes separating from the shoe? You guessed it: UGlu® works great there too. Or do you like scrap booking? Just peel a little piece of UGlu® from its backing and presto! Your work is done. The box contains different sizes of tape, so you don’t even have to cut it if you don’t feel like it. Best of all, UGlu® is as strong as a super glue … but it removes easily, and leaves no residue and no mess!

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  1. In fact, it is Turkish Towels. Yes, they have very good towels, but as a Turk, I have to prevent the name “Turkish” towel here.:)

    Yes they are much better, softer and more absorbent than any other terry towels. Not many people know about it. However, in Turkey it has been very popular nowadays to use a turkish towel on the beach.

    You can have a look at
    They have good prices, also very best quality.

    Another source for turkish towels is

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Have you ever heard of Turkish Peshtemal Towels? Pure cotton, flat woven ( no-fluff) towels weighting less than 300 gr and in size 180 x 90 cm average. Perfect as travel towel for beach/ yacht, caravan and camping holidays. 100 % drying satisfaction is guaranteed. Compact, rolls up nicely to fit into any size of bag. Very authentic, trendy towels with typical stripy patterns and hand-finished tassels on both ends. Definitely recommended!

  3. Oh, how sweet… I wish we could say the same, but our doggies have hung out in the keennl once or twice. When we went to the east coast–NYC and New Jersey to visit family–my mother came to dog sit. She’s offered to do the same this August, but we just might take the doggies with us. :)Have a lovely trip, enjoy some time away, and I look forward to seeing all the beauty in flickr and your shop updates! xo