382 Channel – The Home of Big Checks, Sweepstakes and Cash Prizes

382 Channel – The Home of Big Checks, Sweepstakes and Cash Prizes

Many people wonder what it’s like to work here at Publishers Clearing House. Of course there are tons of perks from surprising our PCH sweepstakes winners with Big Checks, to the Freebie Fridays, to the simple fact Blog Picture1that our company holds a special place in American culture. We’ve talked about all those things before on the PCHblog, but we have yet to talk about the building in which we work in located at 382 Channel Drive in Port Washington, NY. “382 Channel,” as we call it, is the official administrative headquarters of Publishers Clearing House. It’s a big one story building that was built back in 1963 when Harold and LuEsther Mertz realized that they needed more space to house their growing business. (For more information on the early days of PCH read – History of PCH: A Port Washington Office Building Turned Community Center).

Today, 382 Channel still captures the original vision of Harold and LuEsther for creating a great pleasant working environment, with its many windows, unique architectural design and interior layout. For example, there are inspiring garden atriums inside the building where our creative teams sit, and beautiful landscaping with big trees outside (Does anyone know what kind of trees those are?). When the weather permits, there are even places picnic tables and benches to sit on and eat lunch outside. However, managing so many sweepstakes and casBlog Picture2h prize giveaways keeps us busy, so those breaks are usually short and sweet!

Of course the fun at PCH doesn’t stop there but that’s all the space I have for this post. Have a wonderful day PCHblog readers and don’t forget to submit your daily SuperPrize entry at PCH.com!


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  1. I was sent a letter from PCH to call them misspelling in letter. I called the number was told I needed to give my S.S. # & drivers license. Not a certified letter, what a scam!

    I, ROBERTA GUTIERREZ, will accept definitive ownership of the forthcoming Prize Number to be assigned to me upon a timely search before 11:59 PM, ET. In acceptance of this ownership, I understand that I would receive any prize associated with said Prize Number should it be selected the winner on June 3Oth in this special early look event from PCH Giveaway Number 88OO.

    Further, should I, RG, accept ownership, my name, ROBERTA GUTIERREZ, will be the ONLY name associated with said numbers and any prize that may be won therefrom.

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