Winning a Sweepstakes Takes Persistence – Just Like Championship Tennis

I just finished reading “Open,” the soul-baring autobiography of tennis legend Andre Agassi. It’s quite a ride, and I’d recommend reading it.

By the time Andre was a teenager, he had practiced returning literally MILLIONS of tennis balls hurled at him by the “dragon,” a menacing machine installed in his backyard by a father determined to make his son the best tennis player in the world. The goal was met, and there’s no doubt that persistence played a crucial role in achieving Agassi’s success.

I’m not suggesting that you should enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes millions of times as Andre returned millions of tennis balls; but if you’d like to win a Big Check worth MILLIONS of dollars, the more times you enter our fabulous contest the better.

The more PCH Sweepstakes winners I meet, the more I’m convinced that persistence is really important. You may be encouraged to learn that I have known some winners who had “beginner’s luck” and won with their first entry. But, for the most part, the folks who win enter our sweepstakes enter every chance they get – either by sending an entry back by mail or by entering religiously online at

So don’t delay: Simply click on this link to – and you could be on your way to winning a Sweepstakes. And be persistent: enter every day to improve your chances of winning.

And remember: if you are a tennis player – or even if you are not: there’s more excitement than Big Checks at Publishers Clearing House. You can entertain yourself at PCHgames, win more prizes at PCHlotto, conduct an online search at PCHSearch&Win, see exciting PCH “winning moments” at, and find great deals on magazine subscriptions and merchandise at

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. I am so happy for the August 31th winner. I know she is super, super happy. I know I would be. I would love to win big so that I can buy me a home. Something I have never had my whole life. Have it built from the ground up just the way I want it. I know This will probably never happen but I just keep trying. Sometimes I wish to give up but for some reason or another I can’t not right now. I will play a while longer then I will give it up. I know that there has been people playing for a few years and has never won a thing. I guess this is normal. I am thinking about stop playing not because I haven’t won anything but I am tired of trying. Seems as if the more I play the more disguised I get. I don’t feel sorry for my self but I am just tired if playing. The games are super nice I love them. I think Pch have very, very nice and good games to play. The best games that I’ve ever played in my life. It’s hard to stop playing but I am going to have to stop playing. I am a widower with 3 adult children. I prepare taxes the first 3 months of the year so I am home the majority of the times. Good luck and God bless all of you who are still playing. I hope God allows you all to win big. Just keep the faith and something good will happen to each of the Pch players. I did win (3) $5.00 gift cards for Amazon and in between times I won (2) $10.00 checks that came in the mail. Believe me that was something to be proud of because I didn’t expect that. Keep playing people and for Gods sake have faith that you will win something even if it’s not a million or two million. Just keep the faith.
    God bless you all.

    I thank Pch for allowing me to win what I did win.
    God bless everyone at Pch and keep up the good works.