Prize Patrol Shocks Loyal PCH Sweepstakes Entrant With Glorious 4th of July Cash Prize

Shortly before the 4th of July weekend a prize drawing took place at Publishers Clearing House to identify the winner of our special $10,000 holiday cash prize. While the Prize Patrol is always “up” for a trip anywhere, Dave Sayer and I were somewhat relieved to learn that the newest PCH Sweepstakes winner, Stephanie Sasso, lived only about two hours from our Port Washington, NY headquarters.

Dave and I hopped into the Prize Patrol van for a pleasurable, delay-free drive to pastoral Goshen, NY — just a bit west of the beautiful Hudson River. The day was perfect. The sun was shining with a light breeze. What a wonderful day for the newest PCH Sweepstakes winning moment.

When we arrived at the florist in Goshen where our roses and balloons were being prepared, we let proprietor Jim in on our little secret — the name of the lucky local winner. “I know her!” he exclaimed, adding that he was pretty sure she could use the prize money. It turned out that Stephanie and her family had been using this florist for years for various celebrations — and lucky for us too because he was able to tell us how to get to Stephanie’s hard-to-find house. This was all working out perfectly!

Stephanie’s home was off the main road, but no worries! The Prize Patrol always finds our winner — no matter what! By the time we had parked the Prize Patrol van, Stephanie had emerged from her house in a state of shock. “Publishers Clearing House! I don’t believe this!” she exclaimed. You see, Stephanie has been a loyal PCH customer for fifteen years. She enters the PCH Sweepstakes by mail and also takes advantage of extra online sweepstakes entry opportunities she receives at PCH Search & Win — which is where she filed her prize-winning entry. But she never thought she’d actually win the prize drawing.
Prize Drawing Winner Sasso w Prize Patrol

Stephanie raved about the terrific products PCH sells including a duffle bag she recently purchased as a gift for her daughter’s birthday. “Great deals!” she said, referring to the terrific prices she always finds on PCH merchandise. She also told us that this Big Check for $10,000 came at the perfect time in her life. She was thrilled that she would be able to truly enjoy the July 4th weekend and her birthday which is coming at the end of the month!

The excitement of the PCH winning moment continued for an hour — as Stephanie’s three daughters and son-in-law arrived to join in the prize winning celebration. Neighbors also added their congratulations. Everyone agreed that Stephanie, a nurse, was not only lucky but “one smart cookie” to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. “She deserves it,” they said.
Cash Prize Winner Sasso w family

You too could be a cash prize winner, just like Stephanie. Go to and enter the PCH Sweepstakes every day for a chance to win our BIG $5,000 A Week for Life SuperPrize on August 31st. We sure would love to ring your doorbell with the next Big Check!

Good luck!

Danielle Bertellotti

PCH Prize Patrol

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  1. Why can’t this happen to me December 18 2016 I would be so happy to be a 10.000 a week for life plus a millionaire making superprize for life