Just Imagine Winning $5,000 A Week For Life From PCH!

As I was fiddling with my TV’s remote control the other day, a cute young woman popped on to the screen singing an old song called “Just Imagine.” It was that 1940’s/‘50s movie star June Allyson appearing in an MGM musical “Good News” – all about rah-rah college life in the Roaring Twenties.

Well, the song’s lyrics were all about imagining that the campus football hero (Peter Lawford) would propose marriage — right after he scored the winning touchdown in the Big Game, of course. Guess what: Her imaginings came true by movie’s end.

It’s now 2010 – many decades later. I could write some new lyrics to that “Just Imagine” song, and they’d have nothing to do with college life. Here they are:

“Just imagine – the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol rings my doorbell. Ding-a-ling. I open the door and what should I see: roses, balloons, champagne, smiling faces, a video camera, and a huge Big Check that says I’ve won $5,000 A Week for Life!

“Just imagine – the thrill of it all, the freedom from financial stress, the fun of having a bank account large enough to have a new home, a new car, a vacation whenever I want, with plenty left over to share.

“Just imagine – not marrying a college football hero but winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! Now that would indeed be a dream come true!”

OK, these lyrics might not work with the music. But that dream could come true if you wake up and ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at pch.com. By the way, there’s another song in that “Good News” movie called “The Best Things in Life Are Free.” Entering and winning at PCH is FREE! So what are you waiting for? The deadline for our “$5,000 A Week for Life” SuperPrize is August 23 which gives you time to enter today — and enter every day until then to improve your chances of winning.

So go for it! Just imagine that our next huge SuperPrize winner could be you!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director

PCH Prize Patrol

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  1. Hello PCH

    My name is Archie Johnson and I like to say that winning 5,000.00 a week for life would be a great beginning for a new life for myself, wife, and four children. I am one person that is hoping & praying that I am the lucky person to win this prize in order for me to make some wise investments for my family.

  2. Hi,
    I have entered as much as possible.
    I think the opportunity is just great…makes one hope..and it’s fun to think of winning and the good winning would do!
    Be fun to Meet Dave Sayer..seen him so many times give the winners the news.. So fun to see .. Who Knows?! God willing.. could be me!

  3. Hi Dave Sayer,Im 67 yrs old i just have my sageryIm hoping to win this time Im your customer since Aug. 2008 and this will change our life and help my family especialy my mom and my daugther in the Philippines. They lost there house. Thank you and sorry I try my best to used the computer. Felicitas Smith August 21 2010 at4:30 pm

  4. If I win the $5,000.00 a Week for Life. I’de think I died and went to Heaven and that I must be dreaming and what a emotional effect it would have when I woke up and found it were true. It’s fun to dream, Good Luck All.

  5. PCH Family,

    As I read everyone’s comments, I felt moved to share with you “ALL” that, “I have been enjoying being able to participate in “THE” most wonderful Super Prize Sweepstake! It is so exciting to “Enter” as directed by your Company! May you all be safe in all your travels and May God Bless You and All Your Families! In my heart, I know that “God” knows best for each and everyone of us! We all come from different backgrounds, different struggles, different beliefs and most important, “DIFFERENT BLESSINGS” but in the end we all share in having, “HOPE”!!! FROM ALL OF US, THANK YOU, to all of the PCH Family!!!

  6. This could change our lives in such a positive way. My husband has had a 5 way bypass and still trying to work to get our daughter’s education paid for and pay the health bills we both have. We are so buried in debt and stress. This would be a Godsend.

    Thank you,

  7. I wish that i would win the 5,000.00 a week for life then i could get my daughter more of the special foods that she needs. I could also get more and not have to rely on food stamps and we would have all the special food and get her in to swimming that will help strengthen her and her legs as well.
    I would love to give our daughter every thing that she needs. So please p.c.h. let me be the winner or the five thousand a week for life. Our daughter turned three and she is very special and she is worth a lot to me and my husband.
    Thank you very much for reading this comment. Sincerely Jacqueline

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      Nothing would please us more than to tell you you’re a winner. However, we must wait for the prize distribution to be completed. Rest assured, if you are our next big winner, we will contact you in person to award your prize.

      Please note that at Publishers Clearing House our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased. All Giveaways are conducted by Giveaway Supervisors and overseen by independent auditors. We have no way of determining, in advance, who our winners may be or where they may come from.

      To learn more about how winners are notified please visit our FAQ page at http://bit.ly/16N6O8

      Jeremiah @ PCH