PCH Sweepstakes Winner in Amarillo Went From Dining to Dancing

I just read “The Worst Hard Time,” by Timothy Egan, subtitled “The untold story of those who survived the Great American Dust Bowl.”   It’s a book that recounts ambitious settlers’ reckless stripping of native grasses from the High Plains in the early decades of the 20th century.  Left vulnerable to erosive winds that blew deadly dust clouds over the Texas /Oklahoma panhandles and southern Kansas and Colorado, the region suffered even more catastrophically than the rest of America during the Great Depression.

Reading the book reminded me of the numerous PCH Prize Patrol visits we’ve made to the now-recovered Dust Bowl region over the last twenty-plus years.  I have been amazed and inspired by the resilience shown throughout the area and particularly Amarillo, Texas, where we surprised Billy Nation, an area native, back in 1990.

We found Billy, a plucky octogenarian, dining with his sister and a friend over brunch.  (If I’m not mistaken it was at Amarillo’s Harvey House, part of a now-defunct hotel chain that hosted pioneers as they traveled westward back in the late 1800’s.  You may have seen the old “Harvey Girls” movie about the young women Fred Harvey imported from the refined East to serve as waitresses to the West’s rough-edged clientele.)

Billy was so surprised and excited when we walked up and presented a huge cash prize (on a silver tray) that he jumped up and started a lively soft-shoe dance.  It turned out that Billy was quite the showman in his day and was delighted (in his dapper pale blue suit and tie) to give a performance in front of our video-camera and an audience of diners.  He capped off his winning moment” by holding The Big Check over his head and yelling “Yippee!”   Billy demonstrated a truly positive attitude toward everything in life, a quality I’ve seen over and over among PCH sweepstakes winners.

The point I’d like YOU to take from this blog is three-fold:  1: You could be really down and out and still come up a winner.  2: There’s nothing more thrilling than the experience of a PCH Sweepstakes “winning moment.” And 3: You could experience that “winning moment” too.  In fact, on August 31st you could be the winner of $5,000 A Week – For Life if you act now.

Click here on this link to pch.com and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once.   And enter every day up until the August 23rd deadline to improve your chances of winning.  The more entries the better!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director
PCH Prize Patrol

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  2. Hi Andre & Deborah!!

    Dave, Deborah, or anyone @ PCH, is the time posted correct for you?? The times do not show correctly when I make a post!?

    Deborah, thank you so much for telling me that!! I used to use YouTube a LOT!!
    That’s great also b/c I am familiar w it!! Yes, please keep everyone posted!! Tks!!
    & I’m not a big fan of facebook! Tried it, liked it for a bit, but have come to the conclusion that it’s not for me! For some people, it’s great, that’s fine by me!!

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ANY OR ALL!! of the PCH commercials & videos of winners!
    I bet it is shock, awe, happy tears, sad tears & laughter .. & more all bundled up in those first few minutes of the PCH Prize Patrol’s arrival!!

    I love seeing clips of things, but it might be hilarious to compile & put on one video, of bloopers n’ stuff!!

    Maybe even a tv segment or special!! C’mon, everybody knows of PCH, but some people have said I’m crazy(I DO KNOW THE APPROXIMATE ODDS!!) ..but also as I’ve seen on the commercials & vid’s posted here, IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE @ ANYTIME, YOUNG OR SENIOR…SO NO MATTER THEIR AGE, RACE, GENDER, LOCATION WE ALL HAVE AN EQUAL CHANCE :’-)!!!!

    I have said it before, BUT, I’m so very ECSTATIC!!! & THANKFUL FOR ALL CHANCE(S) TO MAKE MY LIFE BETTER!!! NO matter the size of the prize!!!

    Harold & LuEsther Mertz (may you rest in peace!!) and daughter, Joyce Mertz-Gilmore, thank you for allowing the legacy of PCH to continue on!! You have founded a exceptional, great & friendly (staff too) company which has been so benevolent towards strangers!!

    If I may ask, is Joyce still involved w/PCH?
    If so, I don’t see that she has a profile?

    I used to be a real pessimist, but know I try to remember that “anything is possible” & especially if you put your mind to it!!!
    But I have also learned to be kind & patient :-)!

    One last thing, does the PCH team get in on the BUBBLY?? 🙂
    IF not, bring some this way & shhh..I’ll share!! hahaha

    Gnight all, & goodnight moon :-D!

    1. Thanks for the enthusiastic support, Lisa! To answer your question about Joyce, the daughter of our founders, sadly, she passed away years ago.

      1. Hi Deborah,
        Yeah, don’t worry about it!! plenty of that here 😀 !

        Aww, I did not know that, what a bummer!! :-(!! Thank you for telling me!
        I hope she has had a wonderful life, along with her great parents!!!!!

        I was looking @ PCH’s page with your profile, for the umpteenth time now 😉 , I also use to enjoy hiking!! There are a few local parks/mountains where the trails are not too steep!! Just what I like!!! Haven’t been in years!!! I def. need some reliable shoes to fit the occasion!!

        I’m touched to hear that you also have/devote your free time to assist others’!!! (I.e. school library fund, the flute(has a lovely sound!!), singing in the church choir (maybe a solo? j/k lol!) & more, but MOST impressive is…

        “supporting our residents’ environmental beautification organization ”

        🙂 that makes me so happy!! You see, I too enjoy supporting environmental causes, in any way that I can & think that a “beautification org.” is just an excellent calling, to put your heart & all into!!!
        & not to mention I also share a similar philosophy of trying to make the Earth a better place!!!

        & CSI!?!? DON’T GET ME STARTED 🙂 THAT’S ONE OF MY TOP 5 FAV SHOWS OF ALL TIME!! I love the mysteries & suspense!!!!!

        & thankfully a lot of other’s (including you) share the same, b/c I have rented out just about every single season that my public library has!!!!!! 🙂 what would I do w. out a local public library????!!

  3. Hi Dave! Hello out there all & all staff of PCH!!!
    How are ya?!

    I was just the other day watching pch-tv, with you there, & the other team members of the PCH Prize Patrol!! & w.Todd & Eve!!!

    I’ve also most definitely seen the jaw-dropping & happy tears, winners & winning moments over the years on tv!!

    As I was reading this article, it made me wonder if you/PCH has any footage/video of winners I have yet to see, hiding there @ the PCH Headquarters (in NY right??)!?! I LOVE WATCHING you & the rest of the team deliver prizes, & I saw how the element of surprise is soo important on delivery day!!:-)

    I would love to see footage of Billy Nation doing his celebratory soft-shoe dance, I BET IT WAS AN AWESOME MOMENT FOR EVERYONE THERE, & CONGRATS TO BILLY!!

    Dave, I have never read that book by Timothy Egan! But, thank you for the brief summary!!
    I remember reading & learning about the “dirty 30’s”, the very tough & rough times of the Great Depression & the Dust bowl, in History class!
    “The ultimate meaning of the dust storms of the 1930s was that America as a whole, not just the plains, was badly out of balance with its natural environment. Unbounded optimism about the future, careless disregard of nature’s limits and uncertainties, uncritical faith in Providence, devotion to self-aggrandizement – all these were national as well as regional characteristics.” (Historian Robert Worster.)

    PCH, if I could afford your excellent bargains on merchandise/products, I’D DEF. BUY a couple of the items that catch my eye(for ex. the turtle (sign of good luck!!)!!! & wish that I could afford a few..or more 🙂 of the magazine subscription deals!!

    .. I used to LOVE getting my brand spankin’ new, smelling good(lol yeah, I smell em’!!), magazines into my mail box monthly!! -This has not been in years however 🙁 b.c again, I sadly just can not afford what I’d like!! …OTHER THAN barely getting by, with my rent & utilities bills/costs!!

    Just wanted to also CONGRATULATE DORIS GRAY too!! I’m especially touched by Doris’ wonderful aura, personality & emotional reaction!!!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR HER!!! I’m also very glad to hear that she’ll continue teaching!!(from what I understand?) I hope that she will have an comfortable & awesome rest of her lifetime! & continue to help classes & children in need, for as long as she possibly can!! She seems like the perfect pick PCH!! SHE A VERY GRATEFUL BEING!!!

    If I was to be delivered a LARGE, AWESOME, non cashable check LOL, on Aug. 31st , or ANY day for that matter!!! I would be soooo appreciative & excited that,
    I’m honestly unsure that I could hold myself together!!! I may just hit the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, please be careful, LOL!! & Since my lovely little parrot- of a shoulder accessory, my sun conure, is VERRRY protective of me & LOVES to first laugh his evil laugh, then jump on & bite other people on their neck’s & face!!
    (just not her/his owner’s though, myself & my partner! Cuz’ we’re part of the flock!! lol)
    He/she (unsexed), well if you want to laugh, not sure that you will understand myself & my b/f’s choosing of a parrot name, lol , but it’s Puto, slang!!
    So anyhow, I try to refrain Puto from trying to nip @ people, with words & actions, he/she just doesn’t understand, & I DO NOT have the money for a lawsuit :-/… which I would not want ANYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE ANYHOW!!

    So, I was just @ my Avian vet on this Mon. morning b/c my bird’s been in some obvious pain!! Come to find out it’s b/c of the molting & particularly the multiple wing feathers’ (blood feathers) that are all growing in one spot, together are doing a number on my fellow’s wing(s)!!!

    So yes, while @ the vet..(which I had to literally put my electric bill cash up for the vet apt!!)… Puto was trying to lunge @ the lovely vet!! when she was trying to have him “step-up” on to her, to examine!! I was calmly speaking to Puto, saying the words/phrases that he/she knows, “BE NICE!”, “step-up”..& more..but it was proven that Puto was just too scared & or being protective!! So finally after a minute or so, my vet scooped him up into a towel, to weigh & examine!!

    So again, please always be aware that winners may have verocious pet/s, dogs,birds, animals or what not..!

    …I know African Grey’s are way smarter than conure’s are, but, I wonder if Maryann Carter’s beloved parrot does the same to her friends & folks?? I’ll have to post on the other blog, by Deborah H., where I see “Izzy” the beautiful parrot is featured & see!

    Ok, ta ta for now!!!

    Have a fabulous rest of the week!!


    1. Hi Lisa,
      We’re working on You Tube videos of PCH winners and archives of past PCH TV commercials. Some of them feature Billy Nation. We’ll write a blog story about it when it’s ready so tune in for more info soon!
      Deborah H. @PCH