August Winner Soon to Receive the Surprise of a Lifetime

The August winner announcement day is today, August 31st, and the famous Prize Patrol team is on the road looking for the newest SuperPrize winner. If you’ve been entering the PCH SuperPrize sweepstakes, that winner could very well be you! One thing is for sure, it would be the surprise of a lifetime to have the famous Prize Patrol show up at your front door later today or tomorrow with a big check from Publishers Clearing House.

Here at PCH, the team has been busy preparing for the big cash prize delivery, starting with selecting the sweepstakes winner! After the prize drawing was held, the Prize Patrol team had just enough time to organize the Prize Patrol delivery basics, including the Big Check, champagne, balloons, roses and the famous Prize Patrol blazers for each team member. Then the Prize Patrollers, along with Goodwill Ambassador Natalie Bostelman, camera crew and media reporters made last minute travel plans to surprise the August winner with a big check from Publishers Clearing House. Where exactly they’re headed, we can’t say, but we’d love to hear your guesses in the comments below.

Will the Prize Patrol have to travel far from PCH headquarters? Will the SuperPrize August winner be from a small city or a big city? Fortunately, we don’t have to wait long as these questions will be answered very soon!

You can follow the action by visiting our Prize Patrol twitter feed @prizeguy. There, you can stay up to date with what’s happening on the road and view some pictures of the Big Check in the secret envelope! In addition, you will be able to watch a video of the winning moment at soon after the august winner is announced, so make sure keep checking PCHtv throughout the day for updates.

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  1. I don’t know what ANYONE else believes….but, I am the WINNNER from the drawing YESTERDAY! I DREAMED PCH arrived at my home with ballons, the check for $15,000,000 and everything!!! I was so excited in my dream and the dream was amazingly vivid! I KNOW I WON!!! Lol😅😅😅😅😇😇😇#SHIRLEYWARE #ThankULord


  3. PCH FrontPage I am ready to receive the Big check in my hands for Team Prize Patrol I claim to win $ Prize of a Lifetime from PCH Giveaway No 8800 during this Special Early Look Prize Event on August 31 Thanks for the chance to win and change my life and my family with financial increase.

  4. Accept my entry to Win $ SuperPrize of a Lifetime from PCH Gwy 8800, plus $10.000.00 Towards a luxury vacation from PCH Gwy 8187 during this Special Early Look Prize on August 31st.

  5. Admit my entry to win $ SuperPrize of a Lifetime from PCH Gwy 8800, plus $15.000.00 Luxury vacation from PCH Gwy 8187 during this Special Early Look Prize Event on August 31st

  6. I really hope and pray that I am blessed that I see PCH at my front door. Its only the 3rd of August and I have 14.00 dollars to my name for the rest of August. I have bills and also doctor appointments so depressed that I may be homeless soon. I have been religiously playing this before 2013 when I lived in Las Vegas. I guess I’m not so lucky but I thank God every Day that I see another Day. All I can say is Congrats to the lucky Winner. But I have faith and have worked so hard to win my daughter sometimes think I’m just dreaming a hopeless dream. I am still a Winner having God in my corner. Thank U PCH for uplifting me everyday. I have really tried very hard, maybe one day, maybe August 31st 2017.

  7. I am being stalked my life treattend by some people who are trying to get my social security card I won the super prize in 2010 and I was on drugs and some one posed as me and accepted the prize they had a televised party in the first part of 2011 in Hope Arkansas I am now 4+ years clean and sober a Salvationist and a Drug Alcohol and Mental Health Counselor they say I won twice 1.2 million dolllar. And 100 million dollars the police will not hel me it’s sad these people are telling lies about me so they can do what they are doing to me!!!!
    Please Help I now reside in California! 🙁