Win For Free in the PCH Free Sweepstakes

Why go to Vegas when you can win for free in the PCH Free Sweepstakes?

Why go to Vegas when you can win for free in the PCH Free Sweepstakes?

On August 31st, we had the pleasure of awarding a $1 Million SuperPrize to Joe Beane of Las Vegas, NV. Joe was one happy winner — and mighty glad that he had entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes regularly by using PCH Search & Win, the search engine that gives you an opportunity to enter our sweepstakes every time you conduct an online search.

Our PCH Prize Patrol was present of course for Joe’s winning moment which you can see right now by clicking on this link to We think you will enjoy seeing Joe’s surprise as well as many other videotaped winning moments when we showed up on lucky folks’ doorsteps – with roses, balloons and the Big Check!

Being in Las Vegas, the gaming capital of America, we naturally saw hundreds of people trying to win “big bucks” – at casinos’ slot machines, roulette tables, and more. I couldn’t help but think that, while Vegas offers lots of fun and entertainment, you can empty your wallet there, especially if you don’t hit a jackpot.

At Publishers Clearing House the opportunities to win are always FREE, and they are not only at PCH Search & Win. You can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online for a chance to win huge cash prizes at You can also entertain yourself at and win more prizes at

Aside from winning you can always find great deals on magazine subscriptions and merchandise at, and maybe you’ll choose to try one of them.

So what are you waiting for? No need to go to Vegas. In the comfort of your own home, enjoy yourself and take advantage of opportunities to win for free in the PCH Free Sweepstakes. Maybe you’ll be a big winner like Joe!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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  1. Good morning PCH sweepstakes team and crew You know I was reading a blog of what it says about Las Vegas Then done that long time ago I’d rather take my winnings and do like I said that’s open a business to make more profit to give more people job that’s more important then go to gamble your money away Especially when you’re trying so hard with all your heart to win it in every time I play the game I ask God to help me if I went and did that I think God would take all the blessings away cause deep within myself I always feel that God as He give you a blessing you supposed to use it wisely because blessings is all power of life so don’t just do it by being foolish my word is my bond and I keep my promise to my almighty God and His love His Son Jesus Christ so don’t be upset with me cause I don’t want to go to Las Vegas I don’t want a ride nobody boats I don’t do any of those things I want to make a better life than that I know how to have fun right where I am what my husband was in the service I used to travel with him all the time whatever they send him I have people in Las Vegas San Diego Riverside I know Boston I got people all over Florida Jacksonville Danie Orlando Baltimore New York except for where I live here I don’t have no relatives my relatives are the people I help like I said whoever cross my path she’ll have and that needs not Las Vegas so God bless me to win so I can do right for life so God bless everyone who in it did try and win it and PCH sweepstakes safe ride in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ that you will be protected on your way across those roads always to those you should bring a special gift love life.