Just Like Big Checks from PCH, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Everyone loves a bargain. And for decades that’s what millions of people have found at Publishers Clearing House: unbeatable deals on a huge variety of magazine subscriptions and terrific prices on a wide range of great merchandise. To see those fantastic offers on some of our merchandise click here.

But even better than a bargain is something that’s totally FREE! That’s the cost of entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes where you could win a Big Check worth thousands, even millions of dollars! That’s right: no cost at all.

Some people are skeptical and think that they have to buy something in order to win a prize from Publishers Clearing House. Not so! If you receive a phone call or a mailing that asks you to send or wire money in order to collect a prize, you have not heard from a legitimate sweepstakes – and certainly not from PCH, the grand-daddy of sweepstakes that you can totally trust. We’ve been in business since 1953!

The fact is that the majority of lucky people who have won those SuperPrize big checks of a Million Dollars and up from PCH didn’t purchase anything when they submitted their winning sweepstakes entries.

So what are you waiting for? By all means check out our magazines and merchandise – You’re bound to find something that is appealing. But if you don’t this time, go ahead and enter our sweepstakes. You have nothing to lose — and possibly millions in the form of a big check to gain! You can see many of our recent winners and their “winning moments” at pchtv.com.

All the best,

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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