Ultra Combo Prize $5000 A Week For Life PLUS $1Million Cash!

I just got back from shopping with my wife – at Costco. If you are not familiar with this chain it’s quite the place to stock up on huge quantities of virtually anything you can think of: food, clothing, household goods, health and beauty aids, appliances, even carpet and vacations. It works best for people who have a large family or a lot of storage space.

Some people dismiss shopping at Costco saying “It’s fine if you have the room to store a lifetime supply of Dixie cups or dental floss.”

Well, a lack of storage space shouldn’t be a problem if you win a LIFETIME SUPPLY OF MONEY from Publishers Clearing House with our newest Ultra Combo Prize! Your friendly neighborhood banker or investment broker can always help you out if you don’t want to keep it under the mattress. And what a supply it could be! If you win our new Ultra Combo Prize, the PCH Prize Patrol will arrive on November 30th with $1 Million in one lump sum. After that you’ll receive $5000 a week…for life!

Yes, that staggering cash windfall could happen for YOU. But you’ve got to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes by November 16th to be eligible to win this fabulous lifetime ultra combo prize.

So I encourage you to enter at once. But don’t enter just once: enter today, tomorrow and every day – which will give you more chances to win.

Entering is easy. A simple click here on this link to pch.com will get you started!

Don’t delay! That November 16th deadline will be here before you know it.

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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  1. Hola, mi nombre es Miriam Gonzalez tengo 2 hija de 17 y 12 años de mi razón para conseguir el dinero es porque no estoy trabajando porque en el 2008 me hicieron 2 cirugía en mi brazo derecho tengo tendonitis estamos en el año 2010 no consigo trabajo la razón de no conseguir trabajo porque no tengo suficiente experiencia, así que necesito el dinero para pagar todas mis cuentas y tener una vida mejor para mi hija no tengo nada y estoy con mucha depresion y me gustaria que me tuvieran en cuenta porfavor

    1. Hi Miriam,

      Please note, this is a random drawing. We have no way of knowing who the next winner will be until the day of the draw. We do wish you all the best of luck.

      Addison @ PCH

    2. hola soy yo otra vez miriam gonzalez espero me hayan entendido bueno mi mensaje es que necesito dinero para poder pagar mis deudas por que desde el 2008 no estoy trabajando por las dos cirugia en mi brazo derecho tengo 2 ninas que atender y estoy con mucha depresion ya saben mi hija mayor tiene 17 anos y la pequena 12 anos y ya saben es la etapa que piden de todo y me da verguenza no poder darle lo que ellas quieren me gustaria que me tuvieran en cuenta asi podria estar mas tranquila y poder curarme como dios manda estoy con depresion y bebiendo pastillas para los nervios y para el dolor en mi brazo mi vida ha cambiado mucho y mi vida social ayudenme y yo podre ayudar ha otros que estan como yo y poder dar una ayuda a los centros con personas con depresion por sus diferentes problemas y poder darle a mis hijas una vida mejor y mejor calidad he escrito mucho y mi brazo me duele pero hice un sacrificio para este concurso que es una bendicion

      1. Hi Miriam,

        Yes, we understood your last post and we hope your situation gets better. As mentioned before, the winners are picked through random drawing. We do not know who the next winner will be until the day of the draw. These contests are completely free to enter and no purchase is required and if a purchase is made it will not increase your chances of winning. Everyone who enters has the same equal opportunity of winning. The first step for this opportunity is simply to enter into the contest through the many ways we provide, such as entering through our PCH websites, our promotional e-mails, by phone and by mail. Please keep in mind there can only be one winner for the big prize award. Again, we wish you and everyone Good Luck.

        Addison @ PCH

  2. Just to Win would be a Dream come true for Us!To Win the Big Check for the Ultra Combo Sweepstakes Would be Awesome!How I Believe Winning From PCH is Real!Good Luck to All the Fans and God Bless Everyone and Thier Families!I’m Dreaming PCH!lol

  3. If I win, I will sell my house with a reverse mortgage and help my three troubled children, one of whom still lives at home We lost their father to heart disease and their older brother who died of cancer caused by celiac disease, within a year of each other. We have struggled ever since to make it month to month without government aid.

    If I win I will help my children get the assistance they need and
    my youngest child to get the expensive care he needs for his OCD and depression. I would also help my friends who have helped me over the years, as well as my church, which has done the same. I would also like to give to a celiac disease foundation.

    And I will be forever grateful to you, pch, for your selfless help to so many, many people.

    Gratefully, Diane


  5. In my heart and mind I just know I am going to win since I was about 22 now I am 51. I almost gave up when my daughter was murdered, but when I came to Idaho the pch started again and the dream was rekindled. I know in the perfect timing of the Lord I will be the winner. Hopefully Nov. 30th. Thanks pch for letting The Lord use you. Sandy

  6. So many things I would do with $5000 a week for Life with One Million Prize from Publishers Clearing House. Get myself set up with insurance, retirement, dental situations. Think about moving to a bigger apartment or find a small 2-bedroom house. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas for a relaxing vacation. Not too much gambling, but just for the entertainment and buffets.
    I have dreamed of winning the PCH SuperPrize Giveaways too and I try to give myself a chance to win everyday.