Want to Win Money from Publishers Clearing House?

If you think, “I want to win money from PCH,” the most important thing is to enter for your chance to win money.

“You bet I want to win money from PCH!” you reply. If so, you may be interested in a famous Vince Lombardi quote.

A new play is coming to Broadway about the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi. Its script will no doubt include the saying most famously attributed to him: “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

Biographers are not sure whether the quote actually originated with him; but there is universal agreement that the line has been a powerful stimulus to football players, other athletes and all kinds of aspirants from the very first time it was uttered.

Some folks might even say that it’s the idea that inspires them to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes: “Boy do I want to win money from that sweepstakes!”

Well, that’s perfectly understandable. I mean, who could argue with the appeal of a multi-million dollar SuperPrize? Win it and you’d be set for life!

I’ve known all of the Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winners over the years, and they are all mighty grateful for their good fortune. Of course the winning moment — when the PCH Prize Patrol arrives with balloons, roses and the Big Check — is just the beginning. The financial well-being goes on for years.

So, if you’re thinking, “I want to win money from PCH,” would winning mean “everything” to you? or would it be “the only thing”? Does it matter? The most important thing, if you want to win, is that you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes without delay. Only that way do you have a chance to “win money.

Simply go to pch.com to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online for your chance to win money and a lot of it!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Executive Director



  1. What up PCH. Hurry up and knock on my door already. I know i’m the winner. Really stop acting and come to the hood and change my life. LOL!!! IF U REAL WANT IT, IT WILL COME.


  2. I am a 58 year old grandmother and have been a customer and prize entrant for most of my adult life. I thank God for the many blessings in my life as I have beautiful grandchildren that are a big part of my life. My husband has been out of work for the last 2 years and my business suffers tremendously in our poor economic environment. I continue to enter the sweepstakes and have faith that I will be the winner each time. God knows when the time is right and I pray that it is soon. If I won……my mortgage, my daughter’s mortgage (single mother of 3 in foreclosure), college education for 3 grandchildren, sponsorship and support of local up and coming talented athletes with a softball park for girls, help our children (5) as they are struggling in this world, build my porch back on my home that was torn off due to rot, be a good neighbor, be a good friend, but most of all……help where I am needed. Thank you Publishers Clearinghouse for the opportunity to WIN, but mostly….thank you for the hope and the exciting anticipation that something good is about to happen to me.

  3. I think it would be cool to be the one to give out the prizes. People must go wild when they see who’s at the door. Alright who’s kidding anyone, I’d like to win it even better 🙂

  4. I would love to win money from PCH with the cost of everything going up today who wouldn”t want to try and win any amount of money I’m going to keep my fingers crossed I win something soon.

    1. Hi Dayle,

      Please keep in mind that every entry has the same chance of winning, so keep trying!

      To determine which draws you are entering, when their end dates are and what your odds of winning are, please review the “Sweepstakes Facts” pamphlet that came with your entry or click on the “Sweepstakes Facts” link on your online entry form.

      Best of luck to you!
      Jodi @ PCH

  5. dear pch, some people go in life having what they want. Me myself i am 45 yrs. old and i have had to work my entire life for everything that i have. I am grateful for what i have acomplished, thanks to the help of my husband and if i was to win and pch, came to my door, i would probably faint. Please i would luv to have something for free. Thank you pch for being there for me.

  6. God, help us all its so hard in this world. some folks got it some dont and iam one that dont it would be so nice to be able to pay your bills on time and get things you need if God bless me wlth alots of money i will bless someone else to.

  7. I want to win BIG MONEY ..I HAVE been throught a lot but things to my kids, husband,close friends, grandchrildren, and the Grace of God I made it so far,We need a new house or ours rebuilt,St Jude I want to give, and to my friends I want to help because they helped me..

  8. Who wouldn’t want to win. I can’t think of anybody that would turn down anything is these tough days. Of course, I don’t know anybody with real money either. Most people are like us, about a month or two away from living under a bridge. The sad part is that 8 years ago we considered ourselves in good shape. Now, I’m 72 and looking for work.

  9. I pray every day twice a day in the morning and in the evening that PCH knock-knocks @ my door. My mother is so ill and all I can do is just watch her die because we can’t afford insurance, and it’s been so rough on me and her since my so-called father walked out on us and left us with all the bills to go be with a younger woman. I would sure love to show hmy “father” that we can do with out him! What are the ways of winning besides simply entering on the website? Please help me.

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