PCHSearch&Win on Facebook: More Motivation to Search

Ever since Publishers Clearing House has joined the social networking community, we have had the pleasure of speaking directly with fans, and even winners, from all over the United States. They usually tell us about their experiences with PCH and what goes on in their lives. Many even tell us about the kinds of prizes they prefer to win. While some rave about traditional Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, others say they can’t get enough of the instant win opportunities from our search engine; PCHSearch&Win

When we asked the PCH SearchandWin fans that follow us on Twitter what instant win prizes they love most, they suggested that we give away loads of prizes instead of one overwhelming prize. In honor of those requests and the launch of the new PCHSearch&Win Facebook Fan Page, the PCHSearch&Win team is featuring two awesome promotions. 

The first is a massive instant win opportunity that will reward more searchers than ever before! Today 500 people who use PCHSearch&Win will win instant prizes of up to $100.00 cash each! 

The second event is perfect for those who would love to show off their dedication to the rest of PCHSearch&Win social network on Facebook. The team is going to randomly choose a PCHSearchandWin Facebook Fan to be featured in “PCH lights” by having their photo featured in place of the PCHSearch&Win profile logo for a limited time! 

To participate in this exciting PCHSearch&Win Facebook Promotion, use PCHSearch&Win now through Monday 12/20/2010 to find what you need for the holiday season. Then, post one link to the product through commenting on the PCHSearch&Win Facebook Wall. One fan will be randomly chosen and their photo will be placed on the PCHSearch&Win official Fan Page! 

You will want to get a head start on searching because today could be the last day to snag those last-minute deals and holiday essentials for this magical time of the year. It also could be the day to become one of the 500 Search&Win winners!

[Not familiar with Facebook? Sign up for an account at www.facebook.com and ‘like’ us at PCHSearchAndWin.]

The “Prize” Queen

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  1. Hello PCH I have enjoyed PCH search and win for big and small prizes to win the big prize it would be a wonderful thing for me and my family because we have so many bills and it been so hard to pay all of them we would love to buy a home and a car and to travel to places that we have never been before because I have not ever been out of the states and just to enjoy life because we have not really had a life so PCH if I win this would be the time for my family and I to shine

  2. I will be happy with whatever I receive because that’s what God wants me to have whatever PCH sweepstakes say that would truly be my blessed day god bless you PC H sweepstakes and crew safe ride in Gods hands until I see you