Use Online Store Shop& to Put That Extra Holiday Cash to Good Use

Have you tried Shop& yet – the newest online store from PCH?

Now that the holiday hustle and bustle is past us, it’s time to take a moment to relax and enjoy some of those gifts you may have received. I personally have always enjoyed the simple and useful gifts because the gifter usually spent the most amount of time thinking about what I’d like. Plus, I find that the simple gifts always end up being the most useful because I use them on a daily basis!

Like me, you may have gotten a present or two that you need to return because it didn’t fit quite right or may be something you already have. Or maybe you had a little budget left over from some of the great deals you may have found on Black Friday using Some of you may have even received a gift card that’s itching to be spent. Either way, if you’re looking for inspiration on where to spend the extra cash, PCH has the answer and it’s called Shop& You can visit our newest online store to find amazing deals on merchandise ranging from home goods to jewelry to electronics and even the magazines and books. Plus for a limited time if you spend $50, you get $10 off and free shipping!

The best part is that shoppers on Shop& can win prizes just for browsing this online store. That means that you could win a prize just for looking around Shop& Prizes include gift cards to a wide variety of restaurants and retail stores plus featured daily prizes.

Whether you regularly use PCHGames, PCHSearch&Win, or, why not give Shop&Win a test drive – you may just find that perfect gift that you were hoping for!


Frank @ PCH

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  2. Hi Blog Readers,

    From: a very experienced internet shopper,Vickie P, Markle, IN.

    I shop on line ALL of the time due to my disablity, and inablity to go to some of the stores.

    I ended up doing ALL of my Christmas shopping at; Not just because I might win something, but becasue their pricing and other FABULOUS shopping offers could not be beat.

    I first saw the banner Ad while I was playing backgammon on and my curiosity was aroused.

    I SAVED $200 on my Christmas Shopping list and GOT EVERYTHING I intended to buy.

    I began my shopping December 05, 2010 and finished Christams shopping on December 20, 2010.

    EVERYONE of my gifts ARRIVED BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I received my final Christmas order on 12/23/2010, three days after I placed it. I DID NOT Pay a SINGLE DIME for SHIPPING or HANDLING.

    This amazed me, because EVERY COMPETITIVE SITE, which I COMPARISON shopped with, charged HORRIBLE shipping and Handling fees.(I always comparison shop).

    The PCH gave me something I NEVER expected when I Christmas Gift shopped this year.

    First, and after a great deal of comparison shopping, I paid the LOWEST PRICES I could find; by shopping at
    YOU already know I paid not one dime for shipping or handling fees; as long as my order was $50 or more, however I took advantage of this offer, and ordered items from my list, placing more than one order, but being certain each order was at $50 or just slightly over $50 so that I would be eligible for the PROMO CODE SAVE10FS; where not only did I get FREE SHIPPING,I SAVED another $10 bucks on each order as well.


    I DID WIN several times.
    I won ——
    (8)$5.00 E-Gift Certificates Totaling $40.

    (2)$10 E-Gift Certificates, Totaling $20

    (2)$25 ITUNE Gift Certificates
    Totaling $50.

    (1) $10 Subway Gift Certificate
    (1)$10.Chili’s Gift Certifciate

    My TOTAL WINNINGS EQUAL $130.00, having shopped from December 5 through December 20th, that is in 15 DAYS.

    PLUS, I got ANOTHER $10 Off and Free Shipping.

    I ended up placing 7 Christmas Gift Orders, One Birthday Gift Order, and One Jewely order for myself. AFTER I applied my SAVE10FS $10 Promo, and my gift cards I WON, MOST of my orders ended up costing me much less than $50. I SAVED another $90.00 DOLLARS qualifying for the SAVE10FS Promo.

    PLUS, PLUS–The DEAL of the DAY Pricing on every big ticket item I bought (such as the Toshiba Blu Ray DVD player I got for my husband),the MP3 players, a Vaccumn Cleaner, Jewelry, blankets, pillows, Dog Beds, just to mention a few items. Could NOT BE BEAT.

    PLUS PLUS PLUS.. I got really great low everyday pricing on everything else.

    I comparison shopped pricing on EACH ITEM that I purchased. I comparison shopped at places like BestBuy, Walmart, Meijer, Sams Club,,,,, and many. many others, and NOT ONE retailer could beat my deals at ONLY ONE other retiler could match the price, but that retailer’s shipping and handling charges quickly changed my mind.
    I even bought a couple of magazine subscriptions for myself at unbeleivable low prices.

    I do not shop like this every month. I come from a very large family myslf, and have 2 grown children, 6 grandaughters and 17 nieces and nephews, SO, I for One, AM VERY HAPPY and PLEASED to have found
    I have a disability income and must be careful of my budget. Finding has helped me SAVE money, and at the same time, be able to show my family that I do remember each of them, on their special day; on special occasions, without putting myself in debt.
    Take a look at, you will see for yourself what I am so pleased about.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    Thanks for the offer, and when I’ve got money again, then I probably will use Shop&Win some!!

    God Bless you all @ PCH!!!

    ~ NKS