Sharing A Gift on the PCH Fan Page With Your Facebook Friends

To me, one of the most exciting parts about Facebook is the ability to share things with my friends. If you’re a Facebook user, you probably use it mostly for updating your “status” to let your friends know what you’re up to or what you’re thinking about. You may also share a picture or video here and there or maybe even an interesting news article that you’ve come across.

In the same way you share your status updates, Publishers Clearing House can share status updates via our very own PCH Fan Page. I know many of you are already fans of Publishers Clearing House on Facebook, if not head on over to and check it out. For those of you that are fans of the PCH fan page, you’ve likely seen all of the sweepstakes promotions, user polls, and sneak-peek TV commercials that we regularly share with our Fans.

More recently we launched a new tab called PCH Dreams. Many of you have already visited and maybe even shared your answer to the question “What’s the sweepstakes you’ve been dreaming to win?” However, that’s not all you can share on the PCH Fan Page Dreams tab! Did you know you can also share PCH gifts with your friends, like a signature PCH Prize Patrol Van or even a “Big Check”? All you have to do is visit the PCH Dreams Tab, click on the gift you’d like to send and choose the recipient of the gift from your list of Facebook Friends. It’s really that easy!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Fan Page, I recommend you head on over to the PCH Fan Page by clicking this link and take a look. What you find may surprise you!


Frank @ PCH

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    1. Hi Lillie,

      According to our records, the 11/22 bonus on PCHgames was 1,621 tokens on log in.


      Victoria at PCH