PCHSearchandWin Helps Financial Planning for $500 Fast Cash!

With the New Year upon PCHSearchandWin users, money issues may be lingering for most of us. PCHSearchandWin always try to help by offering tons of useful PCHSearchandWin prizes. Still, some may believe in a curse of the lottery where a lottery winner loses all of his or her winnings rather quickly and sometimes even goes into debt. From analyzing those situations I think that it was not caused by black magic, but most likely because the winner lacked some basic personal finance skills. The PCHSearchandWin team would love to share some basic tips with you!

Personal finance tips are something we could all use – especially if you would be one of the many instant winners who use PCHSearchandWin. For example, how would you spend the $500.00? Did you know someone will win $500 Fast Cash from PCHSearchandWin today?

If I was eligible to win a PCHSearchandWin instant win contest, I would set up a plan to stretch the prize money as far as I could. My first personal finance tip would be to split it into portions. The largest part should be put in a bank CD or savings account to grow. Then I would invest long-term in a company that I believe will be very successful in the future (hopefully I would be able to at least double it in a few years). Lastly, with the PCHSearchandWin prize, I would pay off some bills, and if I had a little left over, buy a little extra something for myself and those around me.

Of course, a SuperPrize would probably take more financial expertise; likely given by an expert. But no matter how much you make, I think it’s important to be smart about where your money goes and to always think of the future.

I also personally know that the PCHSearchandWin team is always one step ahead of planning prizes for searchers every day, well into the next month. They also love to hear what PCHSearchandWin searchers are looking to win so they can accommodate them and make the PCHSearchandWin experience all the more fruitful.

If you want to win it, you better speak up and ask for it!

The “Prize” Queen

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  1. PCH ‘ I MS MARY WOULD BE GLAD TO Enter to WIN $500.00 FAST Cash to Pay Bills. Yes I am ready to Win!!!

  2. supposedly I won $500 from one of their cards of bingo i received in the mail but only time will tell i mailed it back that day with all my info and stuff…only to see if its real or not though $500 isnt much now a days even after gov and everything takes taxes out if im lucky ill have maybe $90

  3. i have been trying to win a prize from p c h for years now,but must be im not the right catagory,or person to get lucky enough to win anything,this place has to be fixed already befor the drawings,cuz my name never comes up

    1. Hello Benjamin – If you follow our fan pages often you will see how different all of our winners are. That’s because our prize winner selection process is a random and unbiased computer generated drawing for a winning number. Whoever is associated with that number, we award. PCH Giveaways are conducted under the supervision of the PCH Board of Officials and overseen by independent auditors and outside counsel. We have no way of knowing, prior to selection, who our winners may be or where they may come from.