One Million Dollars A Year For Life Means BIG Sweepstakes Dreams

One Million Dollars A Year For Life would surely change the life of a lucky winner and make some BIG sweepstakes dreams come true.

One Million Dollars A Year For Life would surely change the life of a lucky winner. That’s like a dream home every year, a round-the-world trip every year, a trust fund for your heirs every year, his and her Rolls Royces every year, major support of a worthy charity every year, or some combination of sweepstakes dreams like these. A winner of this prize would receive more than any previous Publishers Clearing House winner – One Million Dollars A Year For Life – so that person would have to dream BIG!
One Million Dollars A Year For Life

Publishers Clearing House is offering a huge One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize promotion to call attention to our terrific merchandise and magazine offers as well as to encourage online sweepstakes entries. We wanted to start off the New Year in a big way; but, be on alert that this promotional event is a time-limited offer that ends on 2/15/11. If there’s a match to a winning number from this special prize event, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award One Million Dollars A Year For Life to a lucky sweepstakes winner on 2/28/11. Surety bonds have been purchased to guarantee funding for this huge prize amount.

Online sweepstakes entries for the $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize are being accepted through 11:59 pm on 2/15/11. To enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online go to or any of our PCH online sites, such as PCH Search & Win or You can even enter from the PCH Facebook Fan Page. No purchase is necessary to enter and win. You may enter today and every day, once per day per site, from each PCH online site up to the entry deadline.

If the One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize is not claimed by timely return of a matching winning number, Publishers Clearing House will hold a second chance drawing among eligible entries to randomly select a winner of a $1 Million SuperPrize to be awarded on 2/28/11. Either way, it’s a lot of money, and the PCH Prize Patrol will head out to make someone’s sweepstakes dreams come true on the last day of February. Should YOU be that one lucky person, what are YOUR sweepstakes dreams that would come true?

Deborah Holland PCHGood luck everyone!

Deborah Holland
Executive Vice President
PCH Publishers Clearing House


  1. Will the winners name be annouced on this NBC News with Brian Williams or do we have to know our winning number or code, whatever it is?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      The winner was K. Anderson of Bella Vista, AR who won the second chance drawing of $1,000,000.00. The winner does not need to know their SuperPrize number as they typically won’t have it. You just have to be able to prove that you are you!

      Good luck in the future draws!
      Chris @ PCH

      1. I see where a person won a million but is that the million for life drawing? You also said it was a second chance drawing. What happened to the first chance? And is it a phone call? Or do you let the winner know by mail?

      2. Hi Patricia,

        As per Deborah Holland: Karen Anderson won a $1 Million SuperPrize in a second chance drawing. There was no matching winning number for $1 Million a Year For Life so we held a second chance random drawing for a $1 Million SuperPrize.

        The winner was not notified by phone or mail, they were surprised by our famous Prize Patrol.

        Addison @ PCH

  2. do you have to be home to win what if we r at work what happens what time do they usually come or is it live with the news?

    1. Hi Tara,

      When our famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol awards a prize in person, it is typically during the day. They will also make every effort to find that winner. If the winner is at work, on vacation, or away from home, the Prize Patrol will find them!

      Good luck!
      Chris @ PCH


    1. Hey William,

      The winner has not yet been notified. Tune in on Monday Feb 28th to NBC News with Brian Williams to view the winning moment!

      Alanna @ PCH

  4. Dreaming big: I would pay off my $100,000 school loan debt, and move my family out of a new england house that has NO HEAT this winter and is falling apart that we don’t have the money to fix up. I would buy my dream house in California for all of us to live and just be happy. I would donate some to charity, I’m a very charitable person, and I would buy my dad his dream car and fund one of my cousin’s movies (hhe has dreams of becoming a film director).

    1. I hope someone normal, like you wins. You would make an impact in other peoples lifes. Not some CEO that already has millions and just goes out stealin more money! Good luck(=

    1. The winner announcement will be made on a commercial break during the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, which runs from 6:30 – 7:00 PM on the East Coast.
      Deborah @ PCH

    1. Hi Trey,

      There is no actual payout. An individual who wins this prize will be paid exactly as it is mentioned, $1,000,000 a year for the rest of their life.

      Addison @ PCH

    2. WooooHooo well it’s been a week! My boy friend went in to the hospital and was told he has Crons, plus diabetic and also colon cancer well we sent him to the best of the best here in Florida and now he only is a diabetic & has to control it for the remaining time here on this earth! WOW so people never take to heart what just one hospital one doctor says, we thought in one to two days we were losing our dear true friend, too-diabetic! Wow so many scares in a short period of time, and family members flying in from all over the USA and that one hospital turned our world up-side down, to the Mayo clinic in Jax. we owe our lives too, for the Truth and hope! So All here at PCH Hay Luv ya and God Bless ya! Vic

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