One Million Dollars A Year For Life Means BIG Sweepstakes Dreams

One Million Dollars A Year For Life would surely change the life of a lucky winner and make some BIG sweepstakes dreams come true.

One Million Dollars A Year For Life would surely change the life of a lucky winner. That’s like a dream home every year, a round-the-world trip every year, a trust fund for your heirs every year, his and her Rolls Royces every year, major support of a worthy charity every year, or some combination of sweepstakes dreams like these. A winner of this prize would receive more than any previous Publishers Clearing House winner – One Million Dollars A Year For Life – so that person would have to dream BIG!
One Million Dollars A Year For Life

Publishers Clearing House is offering a huge One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize promotion to call attention to our terrific merchandise and magazine offers as well as to encourage online sweepstakes entries. We wanted to start off the New Year in a big way; but, be on alert that this promotional event is a time-limited offer that ends on 2/15/11. If there’s a match to a winning number from this special prize event, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award One Million Dollars A Year For Life to a lucky sweepstakes winner on 2/28/11. Surety bonds have been purchased to guarantee funding for this huge prize amount.

Online sweepstakes entries for the $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize are being accepted through 11:59 pm on 2/15/11. To enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes online go to or any of our PCH online sites, such as PCH Search & Win or You can even enter from the PCH Facebook Fan Page. No purchase is necessary to enter and win. You may enter today and every day, once per day per site, from each PCH online site up to the entry deadline.

If the One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize is not claimed by timely return of a matching winning number, Publishers Clearing House will hold a second chance drawing among eligible entries to randomly select a winner of a $1 Million SuperPrize to be awarded on 2/28/11. Either way, it’s a lot of money, and the PCH Prize Patrol will head out to make someone’s sweepstakes dreams come true on the last day of February. Should YOU be that one lucky person, what are YOUR sweepstakes dreams that would come true?

Deborah Holland PCHGood luck everyone!

Deborah Holland
Executive Vice President
PCH Publishers Clearing House


  1. I would have loved to have been the winner, Pay off my son and my daughter schooling, and buy a house were i could spend time with my grandson.

  2. is it just me or do all the winners of these prizes all seem the same ie old or older people living in the mid west to eastern states like texas, arkansa, luisiana, etc. they all seem to live in the same type of house to, ive noticed this when ive watched the winning video clips. seems kinda strange, makes one wonder if these winnings are all staged. maybe there is really no money out there and pch is just taking everyone on a merry goosechase.

    1. You asked if it was just you,
      Iris, and I think the answer is yes, it is just you.

      I have been entering PCH contests, since the 1970s, and there is no doubt in my mind, that the contests and winners
      are real. Why not just be happy for those who do win, and
      enjoy the pleasant daydreams of
      what you would spend the money on, if you were to win. With all of the people in need, these days, there are certainly enough places to put it.

      Remember, seeing a glass half empty, instead of half full or overflowing, simply indicates an attitude, that wont be near as much fun in living life.
      Dream, and dream big, because dreams really do come true!

  3. I know if I won any kinda of money fron pch I would pay off all my hospital bills and get my heart fixed. Then help as many people as I could with the money, friends, family, and perfect strangers.

  4. All my life i have been struggling. My daughter an i have been a lone. I worked in fast food trying to support her and i. Sometimes i would even take in people off the streets and give them a place to lay their head, even though i don’t have the money. I thank god for my wonderful land lord who has the patients to let me pay weekly, but not even that is enough All the time to help pay my other bills. My job is targeting me, for foolish reasons, and i;m getting to old but i need that job so i can still support my house. With the million dollars i can won’t have to worry if we will be able to pay my bills, my daughter can go to school. I can go to school to do my music that i have worked so hard to achieve and help those in need so they don’t have to struggle so hard.

  5. if i win that is going to be a miracle because i can get back my 2 son that i lost in puerto rico because i dont have money so im a poor person that really hurt my feeling every day they are my reason to live i ove them so much thanks!!!

  6. I really hope I could win this sweepstakes. For my beautiful family. Winning a million would be movation for my daughter and handsome son. God bless me with a family, hopfully with million for life. God Bless

  7. The date is tmrw for the announcement! I can’t find my number in my emails. How can I find out what my exact number is?

    1. Hi Kristin,

      You don’t need to have your SuperPrize number to claim a prize. We have that information on file.

      Best of luck!
      Chris @ PCH

  8. I pray that I am the winner, I need this so much in my life. And I pray for this blessing. I thank you all for this chance for a better life. And I need it. I have never felt so hopeless and helpless, and then I received my first email from PCH and It gave some hope, and I turned to God and started praying for help for this blessing. And I have faith that my wish will come true. And I thank you all at PCH.

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