$1 Million A Year For Life May Cause A Leap For Joy on February 28th!

It May Not Be Leap Year But You Could Leap For Joy on February 28th!

2011 is not a Leap Year; indeed, February 29th will not show up on our calendars until 2012. But for the person who wins the newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize this February 28th there will certainly be cause for leaping — I mean jumping up and down and rejoicing, and maybe shedding some tears as well. Here at PCH headquarters in Port Washington, NY, the suspense is growing. Will the $1 Million A Year For Life SuperPrize be claimed by the timely return of a matching winning number? Or will we hold a second chance drawing among eligible entries to randomly select the winner of a $1 Million SuperPrize? Whatever the prize amount, on February 28th some smart person who recognized that “Someone has to win!” and entered our fabulous sweepstakes will experience the life-changing thrill of a PCH “winning moment” — and leap for joy!

Of course, the Prize Patrol will be present at the lucky winner’s door — with roses, balloons, cameras, champagne, the Big Check (as seen on TV) and the astounding news that “_________ is our newest Publishers Clearing House Millionaire!”

Having presided over hundreds of “winning moments” I can almost guarantee that the winner will say something like ‘OMG: This is unbelievable!” But why is it “unbelievable”? Haven’t you all seen countless PCH TV commercials featuring winners who are obviously unprepared for the surprise Prize Patrol visit? Believe me, these are not staged or rehearsed presentations. If the winners knew they were about to be videotaped for an appearance on national TV, wouldn’t you expect them to fix themselves up a bit? But no; that’s why you see flabbergasted winners in bathrobes, towels, undershirts, shirtless, shoeless, and breathless! Winner announcement day is almost here.

You don’t have to wait much longer. Tune in the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on February 28th , then log-on to pchtv.com to see the actual “winning moment.” If you’ve accepted one of our many invitations to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at pch.com, the door we knock on could be yours! Wishing you the best of luck on February 28th — and in our many “play and win” opportunities at pch.com!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. Hi Mr Sayer,

    Yes I ahve been entering for several yrs but it has been most enjoyable. I do it cause I like searching for all the stickers and labels, etc, etc. The merchandise I have bought through the yrs has been enjoyed by my friends and patients that I have had the greatest plesure of having in my life before their’s have gone on to be with the Lord. So u see your efforts and all of your staff (deb, todd, maryann, john just to remember the few) have been purchased for not just me but many. This is my greatest reward. Money to me is to be shared and used most wisely and taked as a bountiful GIFT. I would like to meet u not just for the money,Sir, but just for the correspondence in your published envelopes and now e-mail. It is kinda like being friends but not having to say much just act upon with trust and honesty, Sir. So take care PCH friends and safe journeys in hopefully yrs to come for all of you and your families. Laura

  2. Hello Dave,
    I have watched ALMOST EVERY you tube PCH winner along with the PCH TV commercials & I can only say that I cry with joy for EVERY winner when I see their reactions!!!!

    I know now that PCH is REAL & just hope & pray that maybe MY turn will be next!!!!

    Waiting in anticipation for the next PCH winner to be announced!!!!

    Good Luck to ALL..!!!


  3. $1 Million A Year For Life May Cause A Leap For Joy on February 28th! Heck…I might even do the “Bunny-Hop”… or form a Conga-line… even a Holy-shout but, it will be in some form of a “Happy-dance” and a big one at that… I just like everyone else am very excited and counting down to the day… I know that Conan O’Brien will be with you guys I can just feel it in the air… he is such a prankster and fun person…and, need I say that it would be wonderful to see the whole Prize-Patrol Team (Danielle, Hank, Frank, Natalie, Todd and Debbie)… and don’t forget “Dave”… he is the Man! 🙂 Wishing all PCHers all the best… and congrats in advance to all… I will see you on February 28th!

  4. I was jumping up and down and dancing too when I won the small one. I could imagine what would be my reaction and what will I do if I’d win the big one. I may say OH MY GOSH or OH BOY instead of OH MY GOD because it is a venial sin to use the name of the LORD thy GOD in vain. But sometimes when one is in the verge of elation a person may just blurt out any word from his mouth. Well It is nice to know that DAVID SAYER is not fully retired maybe I will have the chance to meet him again so he will see that I still have the roses, champagne, giant check and even the balloons. The roses change its color and the balloons half deflated but are still nice to look at considering the number of months I have them. I have the feeling the bigwigs of PCH know who the lucky winner is on the 28th but they want to keep everybody in suspense. That’s the thrill of it. The new winner maybe so unprepared and not well dressed but I am sure he does not mind as he is receiving a big reward on that day. Dont you agree.? Well Dave thank you for the GOOD LUCK WISHES. Too bad there is only one winner. If only it could be divided among several people….

  5. Just curious, how long do you stay at a person’s house after awarding them the check? I know that most people (news media) find out the name of the winner, but what if you wanted to be anonymous? Not that I do, just wondering how that works….

    1. Hi Shapell,

      Unfortunately, it would not be possible to remain anonymous if you are a winner. Acceptance of prize constitutes permission to use winners name and photograph for promotional purposes, unless prohibited by law. Hope this helps!

      Rod @ PCH

  6. The Supernatural power of My Lord Jesus Christ shall supply my every supernatural need of a PCH Superprize WIN!! ~ Amen!!

    God Bless to all!!






    1. Hi Gina,
      As i said in the last blog,
      please let us know how your Mom is…. !!

      Good , Bad or whatever.. if people who care know… people who care can pray & be with you ..

      Wish there was a way that we did not have to interfer(spelling?) with Pch.

      But I wish your Mom well & pray for PEACE in whatever comes her way..