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  1. Well Debbie, I am so sorry you had those blizzard and winter problems at your PCH site. I am glad it’s all over now. Thanks to the effort of the PCHERS team especially to RICKY M. In Texas two weeks ago we had electrical brown outs , traffic accidents and slippery ice on the streets. You know Texas does not have any of those problems often. Anyhow, it’s all over now and I am ready to start my general spring cleaning the day after the ELITE PRIZE PATROL leaves. I wish. You asked what will be our winning moment be? I am not sure how to react but I know I will be flabbergasted and elated. Mostly I would be grateful to GOD, PRIZE PATROL and the whole PCH staff. Still wishing EVEYONE the BEST of LUCK ON FEB 28. THANKS and GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.