Publishers Clearing House Winning Tweet Takes Over

You would think that people Tweeting about Publishers Clearing House would be spreading the word about our big cash sweepstakes, online instant win prizes, and many more winning opportunities. But surprisingly, the PCH-based phrase that has been travelling through the Twitterverse for months has nothing to do with any of those. Instead, it’s about hair. 

While the best way to share information through Twitter is to “retweet” or quote what someone was saying, this short, but hilarious quote was not passed on through Re-Tweeting. Instead, if you search for “Publishers Clearing House” on you will see tons of people Tweeting the very phrase verbatim.  How many of you PCHers have seen this Twitter quote? 

 “Need to get my hair done but I don’t feel like spending cash!! Where is the publishers clearing house when you need it? 

Another question, which Frank brought up, was who was the original Tweeter who came up with this ingenious phrase? Does he or she know that everyone is passing the phrase around? Imagine how cool it would be if we could find the person responsible for this Tweet! 

In any case, Publishers Clearing House gives away tons of spending cash, and even has channels like PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto, and PCHGames to give out even more chances to win. If you’re on Twitter and following each of the PCH Twitter streams, you will get constant updates on new blog posts, PCH prizes, and winning sweepstakes opportunities. Just log-in to your twitter account and follow @pchwinningways, @pchsearchandwin and @pchlotto! 

The “Prize” Queen

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  1. Tweet Tweet you there tweet tweet I hear someone. I think I hear people screaming and yelling and waking up everyone in the neigh hood with the sound off cars full of news men and people with flowers and sham pain wow I think it is the PCH car coming I hope it is of me. I will scream yell hug and make nut out of myself but who cares . I hope it is me one day.Go PChH feel the hearts of people with joy and gladness. That is what PCH does Make people happy ..

  2. I follow, I play, I like, and even share. I may put in a comment or two. People I tell that I’m playing PCH say to me “Its not real!” “Your waisting your time!” “Oh, It was proven to be a fraud. Nobody really wins. Those people in the video’s are paid to say those things!”
    Well, I don’t listen to people like that. they’ve given up on life. I’m Playing To WIN!!!

  3. PCH Peeps, I feel like I’ve waited along time to see you guys in person. I’ll make desert, just let me know when you’re coming to my place. I really could use a miracle. I heard you were it!! Hurry Up Please!!