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  1. I have entered PCH every year since I was 21, and now I’m 65, haven’t even won a pencil. It is very frustrating getting notes that get my hopes up. Would love to win, putting the money to good use in my lifetime, but it seems hopeless!

  2. Ireallyneedtowinmyhusbandandmeareretiredwithlimitedincomewehaveadaughterand3grandchildrenwhoareplanningoncomingtolivewithustheonlywaywecanmakeitistowinalotterlysothereIsaiditweneedhelpthanks

    1. yes I would like to win very much we have been retired 20 years and your money
      does not last forever we are very much looking for some good luck at this time in our lives our ages are 89 and 79 years old

  3. I’d like to win but playing these games daily is getting to a point that I’m thinking of not playing anymore. As everyone else , I’d like to win because of health reasons and not being able to work. My husband works but there is not enough to take care of our needs. I’d save $$ if I just got rid of the internet , etc then I wouldn’t be spending to play these games and everything else associated with the internet, and cable !