PCHgames – Score High and Win Big with Free Online Games!

Take a FUN break and maybe score some cash with PCHgames! Play free online games, earn tokens to use for Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes entries and get a chance to win up to $500.00 instantly each day. Wow! You can’t beat that.

PCHgames believes everyone needs some fun in their day. Let’s face it, we all work hard in our own way, whether we actually go to a place of business or take care of our family and friends. Publishers Clearing House created PCHgames so that we all have a place to kick-back, take a break and have some plain old FUN – no guilt attached. However, PCHgames is not the same-old, same-old online game site. We’re so much more! We give you more ways to enjoy yourself with chances to win instant prizes – up to $500.00 each day — and earn tokens to enter PCH sweepstakes to win BIG money prizes.  

Never played an online game before? No problem. It’s so exciting and so very easy. I’ll explain in a second. And, if you’re an online gaming pro, keep reading because you’ll want to know how you, too, could win some instant-win cash simply for doing what you enjoy. Let’s play now!

Go to PCHgames.com and select any free game you’d like to play. We have everything from arcade, casino, and card games – love that Solitaire – to sports, strategy, trivia and word games. Before you play, we give you an opportunity to spin the Token Bonus Wheel for instant-win tokens. In order to collect them for your account, simply register or log in and your tokens are ready for use. You can always play free PCHgames even if you don’t want your tokens. But, who wouldn’t – use tokens for chances to win prizes in Publishers Clearing House big-money sweepstakes. Wait! There’s more! Each day, PCHgames offers a chance for game players to win up to $500.00 instantly with the Instant-Spin-to-Win Wheel! See, I told you, PCHgames wants you to have fun!

After you’ve played your favorite free game, visit PCHgames’ Fan page on Facebook. You’ll find others like you who love to play and stay in touch with other “online gamers” like themselves. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a new friend or two. Then you can choose a free multiplayer game on PCHgames.com and play it with your new friends. PCHgames’ Fan page is really an easy way to connect with others and us! We always love hearing from you and want to know how many tokens you’ve accrued in your account, how much you’ve won, which games are your favorites or how you’re enjoying the site!

Here’s hoping that you score high and win big!

Leslie Jaye
PCH Creative

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  1. I’ve had problem with slots game, final casino not opening so I can use my diamonds, it has been doing this at least a week or more.

  2. It is sad to read between the lines on a lot on posts. Seems many people expect to win this or feel like PCH owes them something. The estimated odds of winning the million per year for life are roughly 1 in 1.2 billion. To put that in perspective, there are currently about 7 billion people on the planet so don’t hold your breath and pin all your hopes on winning. The odds of getting killed by a large meteor are actually better. The odds of winning are clearly stated in the official rules. Also purchasing from PCH does not affect your chances. One thing is certain. PCH is not a scam, you can take names off the winners circle list, Google them and find supporting evidence such as news articles and even a segment on an Oprah Winfrey episode. Just be happy you have something to hope for. Isn’t a dream worth something? Keep playing because you definitely can’t win if you don’t play.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Is there anything that I can help you with? If not, or if you do not want to discuss a matter on this page, then you can also contact our Customer Service department by sending a message via the Ask Us page. http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask/

      I hope this helps!

      Laura @ PCH

  3. Kathleen Tramble Loves All My Friends At Pch Thanks So Very Much From Me And My Daughter Good Luck. Much ,Much Love To PCh And From MY Daddy Whom Has Passed Away .Thank you.