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  1. I would Love to win something and if I did I tell the hole that I was wrong about PCH that they are for real. Amen

    1. Hello Roy,

      The following is information into our drawing methods:

      All of Publishers Clearing House giveaways are conducted under the strict control of independent auditors and giveaway supervisors. Our winner selection methodologies are designed to be fair and unbiased.

      There are two methods we use:

      MATCHING WINNING NUMBER – Our independent auditors select a winning SuperPrize number at random. Publishers Clearing House does not know the winning number until giveaway end when the auditors reveal it to us. Throughout the life of the sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House assigns SuperPrize numbers to outgoing Bulletins. Any one of the numbers assigned to you while the giveaway is going on could be the winning number.

      RANDOM DRAWINGS – A two-step process is used for random drawings. Incoming entries are prequalified either manually, by specially trained contest judges using raffle cages, or electronically using a computer. Then, on drawing day, all qualified entries are sequentially numbered and a bingo cage is used to randomly pick the winner.

      Good Luck!

      Addison @ PCH

  2. i am so happy for his family. i hope one day i can be in his spot. good luck with your prize money. james copes