Instant Prize Orchards, Hidden Trails, and a PCH Sweepstakes Tale

It’s a beautiful day in May today in Port Washington, New York, the land of Publishers Clearing House — creating instant prize giveaways and famous sweepstakes — sorry that I couldn’t keep up the rhyme to match the joy that’s in the air—I got sidetracked with the sweepstakes. I swear it’s hard to believe that spring even came and went at all this year; it feels like we all just jumped from winter right into summer. Anyway, speaking of wandering off (to sidetrack again); it was such a magnificent day out that I decided to go for a walk around the Publishers Clearing House building. No, the PCH building is not surrounded by orchards of PCH Instant prize giveaways and big checks as many of you may have thought, but rather green trees, lush grass and (a mere one block down) a beautiful waterfront with a spectacular view of the bay.

While I was heading through the parking lot though, I noticed a colorful kite was stuck up in one of the previously mentioned big green trees, and I swear at first, for a few seconds, I thought it was a big PCH sweepstakes check, lodged between the branches, blowing in the breeze (perhaps the legendary instant prize orchard exists!). But, after moving closer and having realized that it was, in fact, not a flying check, my eyes instantly turned down and I noticed a long, secluded trail. I took a picture of it right below in all its green glory.

Then I got to thinking that maybe this whole odd and rather beautiful experience was some kind of curious real-life symbolism: a PCH Instant prize giveaways (or what I thought to be one, at least) above me, close in my sights, and a new path of beauty unlocked to me from just that one lucky gaze. I wonder, though, if that’s what the experience is for everybody who wins or would want to win the PCH Sweepstakes — would your trails look different?


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  1. I would LOVE to see your world around the PCH building.
    For the past two weeks, our household has been trying to hide from TORNADOS !

    It has been raining and storming all of this time, and I have been scared out of my mind; not knowing where in our home is the safest to hide from what has been a most vicious ‘coming of spring’ Tornado season.

    Luckily, we dd NOT have rain, thunderstorms, hail, or tornados warnings today, however our temperature NEVER rose above 58 degrees and the sun NEVER came out either.

    It has been a long dreary afraid to move sort of day.


    I am looking for a sunny day, where I can maybe make SUN TEA and work outside in my garden.

    My poor Garden has NOT even been planted yet, and here we are at the end of MAY. Our farmers have NOT been able to get their fields planted either, and those very few who have planted, now wish they had not wasted their products and their time, as the fields are UNDERWATER.

    WE NEED the PCH PRIZE PATROL to come to town to help to bring some BRIGHT and HAPPY news. with some BIG BRIGHTLY COLORED BALLONS, CHAMPAIGNE and a BIG CHECK! This would definitely put some happy faces on people in our small town.

    I should NOT be complaining as we have been very fortunate that there has been no one hurt, no deaths and just a little destruction, unlike those who live in towns that are no longer recognizable; who have not only lost their homes, and jobs, and who have lost loved family members.

    This ‘coming of spring’ season has been brutal for our Nation.

    Come to think of it, the PRIZE PATROL needs to visit every STATE in our Nation to help to bring some sunshine to many, many lives.


    Vickie P
    Markle, Indiana

  2. Yes,Corey it’s something like that accept for in my vision. It’s a beautiful summer day with the sun shining on the water of a lake. With regal trees providing the fresh air, and in my mind I can see the leaves on trees as money all around me as I sit and relax in the afternoon shade. Enjoying the refreshing breeze. Im saying to my self Yes!This is the life. Thank you PCH!

  3. Sometimes I am blinded of the beauty that is all around me.
    Life is in the fast lane!
    I believe I miss alot of the messages that nature puts before me. Remember the saying when you were crossing the street with your parents…Stop, look both ways, then cross. I think we need to add…Stop, look both ways, look all around, Take it all in and enjoy nature as pure at it is, and “enjoy” the journey on whichever road you may cross.