PCHgames Celebrates Flag Day with Tips and BONUS TOKENS!

Say hello, and give a great big salute, to the Red, White and Blue with PCHgames! That’s right, today is Flag Day. So, in honor of this grand, often-forgotten American holiday, PCHgames is giving you 1000 BONUS TOKENS the first time you log in today, June 14th! Now you’ll have even more tokens which you can redeem for  chances to win great prizes in big money sweepstakes. So, let’s hear it for Flag Day, and PCHgames! Yay!

I’ve always felt that Flag Day was one of those holidays that many people don’t know too much about. Obviously, the American Flag is flown high and proud on the same day each year. But, sometimes I don’t even remember that it’s Flag Day until I’m outside and see all the flags blowing softly in the breeze, which makes me feel kind of guilty. That’s why I thought I would take the opportunity in this PCHblog post to share some interesting facts about Flag Day history and give you some flag-flying tips – since there are many other American holidays where we proudly display “old glory,” it just might come in handy!

Our glorious flag symbolizes independence, equality, freedom and unity as a nation. The 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies, with the white stripes symbolizing purity and innocence, the red stripes symbolizing hardiness, courage and the blood that was shed to create a free nation, with the blue field representing perseverance and determination in this struggle. Each white star represents each state of our union, and whenever a new state has been added – with Hawaii being the last – the new state star is added the following Fourth of July. In its entirety, our “good ol’ Red, White and Blue” stands (or should I say, flies) for equality and freedom! So, always fly the American flag high and proud! Here are a few tips:

  1. Typically, you can fly the flag from sunrise to sunset.
  2. If you want to fly the flag at night, it should always have a light shining on it.
  3. After a tragedy, the flag should always be flown at half-staff (on land), half-mast (at sea) for 30 days.
  4. Always fold the flag before storing. Never just crumple it and put it in a drawer.
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If you haven’t flown your flag yet, today, hurry! You want to get to PCHgames as fast as you can to celebrate Flag Day with us and get your 1000 BONUS TOKENS simply for registering. (It’s only for today.) And, these are in addition to the Token Bonus Wheel instant-tokens you can earn! Plus, each day PCHgames give you a chance to win up to $500.00 instantly! Hey, you could buy a new flag with that!

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Happy Flag Day!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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  1. Thank you for this email.
    Flag Day is a very important day to our family to remember our soldiers and say a prayer for them and their families.
    We will fly our flag with a proud
    heart and also remember our men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.
    Thank you
    Monica Gibson

  2. God bless america and the technology we have today im 22 year of age n was shot in the head in a home invasion im legally blind but thank god for the little they could do for my eyes i thank god every day he blessed me with another chance and the blessing of my three small children im happy im still around to fight for them n im thnkfull for the very little we hve

  3. Thanks Leslie Jaye for telling us today was “Flag Day.”
    I bought 4 small American flags but I truly only needed 1 of them~so today I took 3 of them to work to hand them out to 3 children and told them that today is “Flag Day.” ..I watch one child just holding his flag and wave it..I just smiled to myself, because I know I made his day! All because of your blog today..Those three children were truly surprised that they had got something at Home Depot~minus a few pins I had on my apron I gave to them–You should have seen how they smiled!—What a GREAT DAY it truly was!…*smile*

  4. First of all as a Naval Veteran, I always salute my flag and I enjoyed serving my country! To those serving in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and the Coast Guard: State side and overseas— Our Family Salutes You!

  5. I congratulate all people American with holiday Flag Day! I wish all Your cheerfuly,happiness in life on long years,good luck and tightly ahealthy.Muza.

  6. Today is also National Strawberry Cheese Cake Day. Now I can easily spend $500 on that!:D I know, shame shame shame 🙁

  7. I have to be honest, if I won $500, the last thing on my mind would be a flag. No disrespect but, I can’t get to work on a flag. Maaaaybe after I’ve gotten my truck fixed. ALWAYS a big salute to the men and women that keep me safe though.