PCHgames: Get 1000 Extra Bonus Tokens When You Visit Us from Facebook

This is amazing! Want to get 1000 Extra Bonus Tokens from PCHgames every day? Who wouldn’t want that! All you have to do is visit PCHgames.com from our Fan page on Facebook. It’s that simple. Plus, you’ll find PCH exclusives with more ways to win and lots of PCHgames news. I know what you’re thinking – there’s more. Of course, there is! Lots more! You can use your Bonus Tokens for chances to win PCHgames Gift Card sweepstakes. Plus, each day PCHgames offers a chance for game players to win up to $500.00 instantly with the Instant-Spin-to-Win Wheel! See I told you this was amazing!!

PCHgames always wants you to have fun! And, maybe score some prizes, too. With PCHgames you never pay to play – all online games are free to play all the time, whenever you want. So, go ahead and enjoy! I know you’ll find something to your liking because PCHgames has a huge variety of really fun, exciting games – there’s absolutely something for everyone! Whether you want to play alone or with a group, PCHgames offers casino-style and arcade games, sports, strategy and trivia games and many others!

Before you play any of the free online games at PCHgames, make sure to spin the Token Bonus Wheel for instant bonus tokens. They’re easy to collect – simply register or log in and your tokens are ready for use. Of course, you can always play PCHgames even if you don’t collect your tokens. But, please always collect them. Know why – you can use them for chances to win prizes like gift cards and more!

I won’t keep you any longer so you can get over to our PCHgames Fan page on Facebook! Like us to become a fan (if you haven’t already done so). And, while you’re there, make sure to say, “Hi!”

Let us know how many PCHgames extra bonus tokens you’ve collected so far and if you’ve won any prizes. Please feel free to leave your comments below or on the PCHgames Fan page on Facebook.

Have Fun and Win Big!

Leslie Jaye
PCH Creative

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  1. Just want to wish everyone the best of luck on all of the contests.Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

  2. One of the first pieces of mail opened at our home is anything from PCH.

    Best Regards to all PCH.

    L. R. “Spud” Harding

  3. In playing the games , I have selected a number of gifts card that was suppose to end 1/31/2012. I am not sure as what I need to do to find out about the gift card.

    1. Hi Chauncey,

      If you are the winner of one of the gift cards, an email will be sent the email address that you used with your PCHgames account. You can watch under the “Redeem Tokens” tab for the winners names to appear on the scrolling winner board on the side of the page.

      Victoria At PCH

  4. Glad to play today on PCH Games…always chosen sponsor for the year ..Apple best made gadgets..and power Electronics!1..Thanks again for the year to be a part of a historical Sweepstake series, Quality Health Campaign..win or lose!.Smiths will.Be Here Rain or Shine!.. 😉

  5. I have never won enything .I just wait and keep trying ,I dont loose anything .I enjoy the games I love and getting intouch with the PCH Angels.
    I have a comement about the add I sow in one of the entry,When I oened to the sweestakes I saw to bulldogs the Father or mother I it said this should flip or keep up up.I was down but when I read and sow this I started to laugh so much I stayed laughing for 10 minutes. and then some more.Thank you PCH for that little moment.Have a Great and Happy New Year.

  6. you know what i never win anything its not easy i just score up alot of tokens,i like tri peaks the best i score alot there ,but i want money who doesnt.you guys are scrooges real bad.come on you have alot to give away geeze!

  7. ok… going for my 1000 tokens right after this… since I ended up here on the scavenger hunt but I could not find the message… hmmmm? PCH does make it FUN! 🙂