PCH Value Has A Brand New Face – Kate Everett!

If you are familiar with Publishers Clearing House product offers both in the mail and online, I’m sure you know the face of our Senior Product Director Barbara Lyons.  Well, after many wonderful years of bringing you money-saving deals on favorite PCH items, it is now time to pass the torch onto a new Product Director.  Please join me in welcoming – Kate Everett!  Kate has an eye for value and can’t wait to start bringing you our best deals on fantastic products.

Some of you may know that before I became a member of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team, my first job at PCH was working in the Product department.  For nearly two years I had the honor of working side by side with Kate Everett…so from personal experience, I can say that she is a wonderful woman who is passionate about offering you fantastic PCH products at great prices.  Kate has been with Publishers Clearing House for 6 ½ years.  She started in October 2004 as the Product Mix Coordinator for Online Product – and guess what, here’s a fun fact – that is the exact position I started in at Publishers Clearing House in 2008!

I actually just saw Kate in the hallway at PCH Headquarters and decided to do an impromptu interview.

Danielle (me): “What is your favorite part about bringing PCH customers products and deals?”

Kate: “It is so rewarding selecting the exciting product assortment for our PCH customers.  I love that we are able to offer such a variety of products – and at such great values!”

I officially want to welcome Kate and wish her the best of luck as the new PCH Product Director! I can’t wait to see what exciting money-saving deals she comes up with next!  If you are interested in seeing what products and deals Kate comes up with next, simply go to www.PCH.com and check them out!  Don’t forget to opt-in to receive emails from PCH! That way you can be informed about all our great offers.    Did you know that every email also gives you the opportunity to enter a PCH Sweepstakes…and may even contain online exclusive sweepstakes opportunities?  But don’t forget, an order is never required to enter or win the sweepstakes.

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite


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  1. Hello Ms. Kate Everett, my name is Karion Williams Capers. I have been apart of the PCH family for a long time. Never win anything and that’s ok, I lost my job 1-13-2017. And my life has been going down hill from that day I would like to order things from pc but I can’t do to funds any way, I would like for pc to know my store. Please don’t for get about the Williams Capers family because as soon as I get a job I will be back in your race. I read and keep up with the pch family winners and I wish for that day to come our way. Keep up all your good works. THANK YOU!!! Kay

  2. I just received a Mail Packet, from PCH. It contained a cardboard flier, from Kate Everett, saying, “I’m so excited! I understand that you are only ONE ORDER AWAY from The Inner Circle.”
    I have been a PCH Customer for 46 years. I was “Welcome Into The Inner Circle” sometimes within the Last 10 Years,…. whenever this “Status” was created,…. and given an Inner Circle Telephone Number, in the event I needed to contact you.
    (1-800-593-9171).I phoned this number, today, and was told that “everyone received the same flier in their packet. >Kate Everett<DO YOUR HOMEWORK, BEFORE YOU SEND OUT THIS FLIER!!! Unless I am REQUIRED to REQUALIFY for a status you gave me, LONG AGO,…. THIS IS AN INSULT TO ME, AS AN EXISTING" INNER CIRCLE MEMBER"!!!

  3. all my life I’ve wanted to receive a large sum of money from someone who looked exactly like Kate Everett! ….meant to be funny

  4. your comment here I Donna Touchet order08-03-11 huge Teddy Bear throw and a free bundle throw have not receive anything I have my money order receipt of 20$ and heard anything please take care of this matter please its for a present I AM VERY UPSET…….

    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for reaching out to us, and I’m sorry to hear about your order problem! For help with getting this issue resolved, please contact our Customer Service department using our toll-free number 1-800-645-9242. They will be able to further assist you with this problem.

      Victoria At PCH