A Blessing for July 15th PCH Winner

Our July 15th PCH winner, Delbert Walth, praised the Almighty for his surprise blessing.

Our July 15th PCH winner praised the Almighty for his surprise blessing.

Delbert Walth of Kansas is a positive thinker — not an unusual trait for a Baptist minister.  So every time he got an e-mail from Publishers Clearing House urging him to enter the PCH sweepstakes, he’d say to himself, “Hey somebody’s got to win, why not me?” and he’d enter.   He also figured he had nothing to lose by conducting his frequent online searches via PCH Search & Win.   Not surprisingly by mid-July when it was time for our Contest Department to select the winner of Giveaway #2029, Del had A LOT of sweepstakes entries “in the pot” (so to speak).

On July 15th, PCH Winner Del was mighty thankful that he had that positive attitude — because it paid off when the Prize Patrol knocked on his door and presented him with a Big Check for $10,000.00!  His wife Sherry gratefully accepted the beautiful red roses — and was relieved that they could now replace their broken water heater.  The Walths’ young children were amazed by all the excitement — and couldn’t wait for us to hand over the balloons.

The Prize Patrol’s presentation didn’t go off quite as planned.  On our first visit to the Walths’ front door there was no one home.  Some helpful neighbors told us that Del was an associate pastor and was probably at the church.  So, with a caravan of local media behind us, we sped five miles into the Kansas plains to a lovely church (undergoing an expansion program) where — alas —  the secretary told us Del was at home for lunch with the kids.  “Hmmm, we were just there, and there was no answer” we said.  Without spoiling the surprise a phone call from the church to Del indicated that he had taken the kids to Pizza Hut and Braums (for ice cream) but that they were now back home.  So back to town we returned, and this time the front door was answered.  “I recognize you!” Del exclaimed when he saw us — looking just like we do in mailing photos, online and on TV. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

The blessing of a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House could be yours also.  In fact, you could win not just thousands but millions of dollars!  How would you like to win a worth SuperPrize$5000 A Week for Life?   You can!  But as we’ve told you before, to win it you’ve got to be in it.  You have to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes to have any chance of winning.  But that’s easy.  Simply click here on this link to pch.com to get started.  Or — like July 15th PCH winner Del Walth — go to PCH Search & Win anytime you want to do an online search.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. This is how I feel about wanting to win $7,000 a week from PCH!!!! Wonderful feeling! It would be a huge blessing! I love PCH and how much they care! Good luck to all! Katrina Johnson

  2. Congratulations Reverend. In my opinion, it could not have been awarded to a more deserving person. One that has taken a vow of poverty and given so much to his /her congregation. I just know that this money with help many people that so much need it and not just want it. I myself am in that situation now where I was not only a few short years ago. I had a brain aneurysm about 10 years ago that I recovered from pretty well with few residual problems. I returned to my employer to find that they had reorganized the place and pushed me out into the sidelines of a great new project that was happening, that I was supposed to be spearheading, prior to my illness. Six months to the day, I was called to HR and “laid off”, which was a polite way of firing me, since there was no way to return to the company. My position was eliminated. I found a new job in the government and had to move back to NYC selling my house at a great loss and leave most of my furniture and belongings there because I would have no room for them going from a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom apartment. I worked part nights and part days, 40 hours a week for USDA for the next 3 years along with 2 other part time jobs to make ends meet, which meant I had no social life at all. I was then up routed and sent to Illinois where I am now, live in a hotel for a month until an apartment opened up. They moved me to start on December 22, 2008. Away from my family that lived in NY (although upstate- but still near enough to see for the holidays if I didn’t have to work) even though I asked for this to be delayed until after New Year’s Eve. I didn’t do anything other than computer work until after New Year’s because everyone else in the office had taken that time off, and no one was around to train me. Anyway, I was injured on Oct 16, 2012, right after I was married. A year earlier my husband was in a car accident that left him with seizers so that he can no longer safely drive and his car was totaled, although it was not his fault. I had also had surgery a few month prior to have a tumor taken out of my sinus that was probably caused from the environment of the chickens that I worked in, in NYC for those 3 years, but I can’t prove that. Right after my WC accident I came down with fibromyalgia from the trauma but the WC won’t accept it as a claim. For now I have to pay out of pocket for it. I also had an emergency gallbladder surgery and still returned to work on light duty until they had no more light duty work for me then I went on leave. Contiguous doctors and physical therapy was my life plus taking care of my husband who was already a fragile diabetic but now had diabetic dementia and seizures. We tried to get help when we moved but were taken by these people for the services they were supposed to provide. Now during all of this I have not only torn one of my Achilles tendons part way, but also torn the other because I was over compensating with that foot. The first is now at about 18 months post trauma and still gives me problems. I just had the other diagnosed. I need something to help dig us out of all these medical bills that are piling up-
    I have also had a surgery for frequent urination due to a sensitive bladder implanting a pacemaker device. During the trials when it was taped on the outside of my body, I didn’t have any problems with the unit, and it helped. Currently, the device is reacting with my body and needs to be taken out ASAP. I have to ice it constantly when possible.
    As I said, a few years ago, I would not have needed anything from PCH- Right now,
    I am so in debt that I am still paying off our wedding that cost only $5000.00 in Aug 2012. How I would love to pay off that bill!
    PCH team, perhaps you can send some good thoughts my way! Thanks in advance.
    Kim Schenekl

  3. Have you ever noticed once you do sign up to win, How much spam you get in your inbox….? OH my god… I never have gotten so much junk mail in 20 yrs that i have had the internet..its all a bunch scams… and bringing 10 grand to someone why not mail them the check… set up a time to meet and have dinner instead of all your neighbors looking out the door or windows and neighbors you don’t even like are nosing in on your time.. if you ever get to win I believe it there family that wins and does all the commercials for them…its a scam…

  4. Hi!!! nobody post any comments here by the month of August2013,but here I’am even thoug dont know who will be the winner. I hope and pray that I’am the winner.Thank you very much to PCH crew.