The Next PCH Top Champion — Will It Be You?

The next top champion at PCH will be our huge SuperPrize winner!

The next top champion at PCH will be our huge SuperPrize winner!

Did you see the exciting men’s singles final of this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament?  After Novak Djokovic won the first two sets, Rafael Nadal took the third set 6 – 1.  Then there was no way to predict how the best-of-five-sets match would wind up.  Would Djokovic win his first grand slam?  Or would Nadal take home yet another Wimbledon trophy?

As it turned out, Djokovic rebounded to win the fourth set 6 – 3, and the championship; then he collapsed, overjoyed, on the well-worn grass court.  “I managed to make my dream come true — all in three days‘ time,” he said afterwards.

Well, there’s no way for us at PCH headquarters to predict who will win our next “championship.”  All we know is that “If you don’t enter you can’t win.”  And if history is any indicator, the top champion will have entered our sweepstakes more than once.

You PCH blog-readers may not be dreaming of winning a tennis championship so much as winning a SuperPrize in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  And you know what?  You could win a Million Dollars or even $5000 A Week For Life!  And you have a lot more than three day’s time (until the August 22, 2011 entry deadline) to submit your sweepstakes entry.  In fact you can enter the PCH Sweepstakes every day simply by going to

Just imagine what your reaction might be as our Prize Patrol arrives on your doorstep — with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check — and announces “You’ve just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”   Maybe you will collapse like top champion Novak Djokovic did, then get up and say “I managed to make my dream come true!”

If that’s your dream, don’t delay!  Simply click here on this link to and get started!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. Y Yes Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and team You all are champions In my book Just like Muhammad Ali he’s a champion Because all the good fight he won Publishers Clearing House is the champion because They take trips around the world and make people smile And to me Publishers Clearing House in team is blessed and they put up a good fight with all their might and make their way to where they supposed to be to bring a surprise to maybe me to become a million dollar champion oh yes indeed that’s why Publishers Clearing House is a champion to me oh my oh my I wish come true um because I want to be a winner too well if I don’t today maybe in another way that’s okay because Publishers Clearing House is still a champion to me.

  2. Good Morning ! PCH”ers, I’m just here to answer that famous question, Will It Be You? And My Answer Is “YES” Without A Doubt, THAT My Friends, Is My Story, And I’m Sticking With It. If by chance you’re thinking the same, That Just go to show, Winners do think alike. Patience, Health & Prosperity To All : ) P.S. To All Fathers, HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!


  4. Hi I have been playing for over 25 years…I keep hoping and praying that one day soon I will hit the big one …I would love to take the financial burdens off my family and friends. A part of it would definitely go to charities, my church and to help others.

  5. Honestly if i won 5,000 a week not only would i be able to pay off all my student loan debit i would also be able to provide my family the finacial security they deserve. Both my parents have worked extremely hard to give my sister and i a decent living and i would love nothing more then be able to to give back to them. I entered this contest a month or two ago and i was hesitant at first but when i kept getting the emails i was like well maybe i should look into this and i would love nothing more then to wake up and see a big check in my name for 5,000!!! i have al ways worked hard for my money since i was 14 and would continue to work hard after the check but i would be able to invest my money into ideas and dreams that hopefully will come true!