PCH SuperPrize Winner of $5,000.00 Every Week For Life Could Be YOU!

Publishers Clearing House wants to know if you’d like to win $5,000.00 Every Week for Life! You might ask if I’m kidding, and in a way I am, because who wouldn’t want to win an amazing, life-changing PCH SuperPrize like that? But, what I’m NOT kidding about is that you really COULD win $5,000.00 Every Week For Life from Publishers Clearing House Giveaway No. 1400.

For a chance to become a multi-millionaire on August 31st, all you have to do is go to pch.com now and click “begin” to start! You can even enter every single day – that’s right, every single day – because you never know which entry could be picked! And, if you’ve been reading the PCH blog posts for a while, you know that Publishers Clearing House gives you oh so many ways to win cash prizes – including instant win cash prizes! So, while you’re entering to win $5,000.00 Every Week For Life, you also be a “step” closer to the opportunity to win $10,000.00 cash instantly! Okay, you can breathe now…

Now that you know what and how you could win, imagine what you could do with money like that — $5,000.00 Every Week For Life! I certainly know what I would do, if I could win a PCH SuperPrize Giveaway like that – but I can’t because I work here. You can still enter though. Maybe pay off your mortgage or buy a home… or two… or three! You could help family and friends, send your kids to college, or, maybe send yourself if you never had the money to go before! You know what they say, “it’s never too late to learn something new!” Just imagine the opportunities! Ooh…how about an around-the-world trip? How many people actually get to experience something like that? Not many…but YOU could if you won the $5,000.00 Every Week For Life SuperPrize on August 31st!

With all of this multi-millionaire, life-changing money talk, I neglected to mention the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will show up at your home to present you with flowers, balloons, and a BIG check!  But, this can only happen if you win the  SuperPrize this August 31st, of course! Imagine seeing the illustrious Prize Patrol at your door! Please don’t wait any longer to enter this absolutely amazing PCH giveaway.

I wish all of you good luck! And, please let me know what you would do if you won the PCH $5,000.00 Every Week For Life SuperPrize. I really enjoy reading your comments. And after you’ve entered the giveaway at pch.com (okay, how many times can you enter? Every single day…) visit the PCH Fan Page on Facebook and share more of your thoughts with us.

Just Imagine…

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative


  1. It would be wonderful I’m poor as Job and what I could do that I have never had the money I’n80 years old and always had to shrimp and savew for every penny I get and I’m flat broke now still have a long way to go before my SS CHeck again

  2. I have always wanted a home of my own. I would love to feel like to walk into my own home.PCH would give me the chance I have dreamed of. god bless everyone it is to bad we couldn’t all win.

  3. It would sure be nice to win. My Dad died of a heart attack and my Mom struggles to pay her bills. I would help her pay everything she has off and it is hard for me to pay what she cant because I am a family of 6 and the economy is bad. I am ready for the black cloud over my head to leave, but it is my life.I mean if it can go wrong it will go wrong to me. I have never won anything and probaby will never but as long as I can take care of my Mom and my Family of 6 in my house I would be doing great! My husband thinks I am crazy for this but if I win I would fix what I have and pay everything off and have some R&R for a change and not have to worry about if my mom got this and if the kids got this. Life doesnt go my way and I wish everybody luck. i hope that if someone needs it more than me I sure hope they get everything they want!

  4. I have been unemployed since Jan.2011, can’t find a new job & it would be wonderful to win this!

  5. It sure would really be nice if I could win the $5,000.00 Every Week For Life!, on the Drawing of August 22nd, 2011, & have it all delivered to our house in Greenville, (Middletown NY) on August 31st, 2011. You see I was down in Oveido Florida the end of Last Month & I would sure love to LIVE down there PERMIDENTLY. I had also had written an application out for a PCA Job down there, home here on my Computer. It is for a PCA JOB. If by any chance that I should get the JOB I would have to have all of my stuff, including my TRUCK all shipped down there. Then I would also have to find a nice Appartment or a NICE House to LIVE in. So please, can the machine pick my no. or area code for me to have that chance of WINNING THE PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE SWEEPSTAKES on August 22nd drawing & finally meet you all on August 31st, 2011. It sure would be so nice to meet Danielle Lam, Natalie B, Dave Sayer, & Todd Sloane, oh & of cause the Camera Man. We will make sure that our 5Gallon pitcher is filled with nice cold Ice Tea & I will have our Champaigne Glasses Ready, Willing, & Able to Celebrate with that nice Bottle of Champaigne that you all will be bring with you besides the Balloons, 1Dozen Roses, & that Nice Big Check that will have my name on it. THANKYOU, FROM YOUR BIG FAN & FRIEND marilynhadey28

    1. OH my GOD I would love to win this I pray every night someone comes and rings my door bell and there is a BIG CHECK that reads Winner of $5000.00 every week for life. This would be a GOD send for me because I need to pay my bills down. Oh please consider me.

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