With A Big Check For $5000 A Week For Life What Would You Do First?

A Big Check for $5000 A Week For Life from PCH would be a dream come true!

A Big Check for $5000 A Week For Life from PCH would be a dream come true!

I’m sure you’ve seen me countless times on TV presenting the ceremonial Big Check to lucky Publishers Clearing House winners.  You’ve seen the surprise, the excitement, the ‘hallelujah’s. But 15 or 30 seconds of commercial time rarely allow you to hear what follows the winning moment – like when I pull the smaller but very REAL check from my pocket and hand it over with words like “This check is as good as gold!  You can go to the mall and start shopping tonight!”

I guess that suggestion of hurrying to the mall conjures up thoughts of going crazy with newfound wealth – at which point the winner laughs and says, “WHOA!  I’ve gotta sit down and think about this before I do something like that.”

Of course that’s a good idea.  Before a shopping spree, most people have bills to pay and long-postponed things around the house that they want to take care of.

For such immediate needs a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House — with lots of zeros in it — can be “just what the doctor ordered.”  What a relief to get that stuff – maybe even a medical concern — out of the way!

Once the “top priority” items have been crossed off the list, then it’s time to have some fun –with a trip to the mall, or a trip to the spa, or a trip to see family, or a trip to Europe, or a trip to wherever you want to go.  Or maybe a trip around town in a brand new car will be as far as you care to go.  With a SuperPrize — like $5000 A Week For Life! — that choice would be yours!

So start thinking about what you’d do if our Prize Patrol knocked on your door and presented you with roses, balloons and a Big Check for $5000 A Week For Life – followed by the REAL check!

But “Whoa” again.  First things first.  Have you taken that essential first step to winning?  Have you entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?  Don’t forget, as the saying goes: “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Don’t delay.  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes today – and every day from now ’til August 22nd, the deadline for online sweepstakes entry for a chance to win the PCH $5000 A Week For Life SuperPrize.  Go to pch.com to get started on that trip to winning, and let us know what YOU would do first with a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House.

Wishing you the very best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador



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  1. I would be so happy and grateful for these winnings. I would have more then enough money to share, spare, spend, save and tithe today and always. I would become debt free, travel with friends and family and help those in need each and every day that I have the privilege to serve others.

  2. I became a mother at 16, I am now 22 and have two boys 1 who is 6 years and the other is 9 months. I have struggled to get by with working and going back to school, it would be nice to be able to relax and enjoy my kids, they grow up so fast! I greatly appreciate all the help I have gotten along the way and I would love to give back to those that helped me. I would also love to give my kids a beautiful house with a backyard full of fun, they are wonderful boys and I love them with all my heart, they deserve the best of everything! I would be able to move my mom back into my home state, I miss her very much and she has been trying to save enough money to be able to move back here to be with her family. If there was no such thing as bad luck, then I would have no luck at all…I don’t expect to win at all, but it’s still nice to dream!I count my blessings everyday, and having a lot of money would be a dream come true, I only want the best for the ones I love. Good Luck everyone

  3. I don’t know if an 18 year old (such as myself) has won anything like this. Since the age for being eligible to win is 18 and older, it is possible. I just pray that I’m that 18 year old that win the $5000 a week for life check so I can focus more on school that is coming up on the 22nd. I will be a senior and this is suppose to be the year I am suppose to enjoy myself but I won’t be doing much of anything but going to school, go to work, and pay the rent and bills (which is going to be kind of difficult next month). I can’t even save up for a car because I don’t have that kind of money so I have to take the bus. “Got to do what you got to do.” As for college I will have to apply for scholarships and stuff because I have no money for that either. If I was to win this, everything I just explained, I wouldn’t even have to worry about anymore. I could just focus on school, saving up, and helping my family out. That’s what I would do.


  5. Hi Good Morning,

    Just curious, When do they start sending out the letters to all of the Selected potential winners (winners short list)? Do they send them out few weeks before August 31st? or do they send them like a week before? Well either way I hope I win, I will definitely be waiting for the Prize Patrol with open arms and tears of joy!!! Thanks, Debby

    1. Hello Debby,

      It might be a week before or it may not be. The prize award you are referring to is the Local Awards contest (210 $1,000 in prizes) from Giveaway 1907. Good Luck!

      Addison @ PCH

  6. Like I Said Before I’d Cry Thank God And Want To Hug Natalie For Her Help with Some Problems I Was Having With I Start Out With Computer because At 44 almost 45 I Prayed To God To Learn to read He Blessed Me I Read Good Now And Because of Natalie Help I’ve Learned To use a Computer And Getting Faster Everyday When My Computer Does Work.Hug And Thank The Rest Of You And Be The Happiest Person I Know Because The Rest Of My Dream Would becoming True I Had A Dream That Became A Goal Got My Fame Thank You Publisher Clearing House Now I’m Working On My Fortune Fame Before Baby I’ll Be Meeting Lucky Soon I Hope.Good Luck And God Bless You All.


  8. I’am ready to see who is going to be the big winner but hope it me and it would be nice that $5,000.00 week for Life would bail us out a lot and get my grandkids set for there new home, and my husband would be happy when he get his new recliner. Hope ther will be a knock on my door would make me so happy.

  9. Hi Dave,
    I am “in it to win it” EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

    And my 1st thing would be to pay off my mortgage!!!

    At 62 & just having to take out a new 30 year mortgage to help us get by.. getting rid of that BIG burden off our shoulders would be the BEST use for that BIG check..

    We could enter our senior years with peace of mind for our retiremnet years ..& I could focus more on helping with fundraiser events.

    Good Luck to ALL..