Win a $5000 A Week For Life Weekly Paycheck!

Win our $5000 A Week For Life Online Sweepstakes and get a weekly paycheck doing nothing for the money!

Win our $5000 A Week For Life Online Sweepstakes and get a weekly paycheck doing nothing for the money!

Want to get a weekly paycheck but do nothing for the money? Enter to win our Online Sweepstakes today!

TGIF! I just love Friday! And judging by the other folks I know who say TGIF, I’m pretty sure it’s most people’s favorite day of the week. Not just because it kicks off the weekend (and who doesn’t love the weekend?), but also because it means that after a week’s worth of hard work, for those who are paid weekly, it’s finally payday!  And who doesn’t love getting paid?

But just imagine how much more exciting it would be to get a weekly paycheck for $5000 every week for the rest of your life – without even working hard for it. That’s right, I mean doing absolutely nothing for the money! I know it seems like a far-fetched fantasy, but that’s exactly what it’d be like to win the Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes for $5000 A Week For Life!

Can you even imagine how secure your financial future would be with a weekly paycheck like that? I mean those checks for $5000, week after week after week, would sure add up fast! In just one year, the checks would amount to a nest egg of over a quarter million dollars!  In just four years, the checks would amount to over a million!  In ten years, over 2 ½ million dollars of checks!  And your fortune would just keep growing and going, on and on and on, for the rest of your life!

The best part is, all you have to do to put yourself in the running for a life’s worth of nothing for the money paychecks is enter to win our Online Sweepstakes! You can enter online every day of the week at or at our search engine PCH Search and Win. It’s fast, and did I mention, absolutely free? What an easy way to secure yourself the financial future you’ve always wanted!

So if you dream of getting a weekly paycheck while doing nothing for the money, enter to win $5000 A Week For Life from Publishers Clearing House!  Don’t delay because the deadline for online sweepstakes entry is 8/22/11.  Pretty soon, you could have the financial future of your dreams!

Until then, everybody say it with me, TGIF!
Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. Everyone will love to win this money, am sure if anyone on here win this money it will change that person life. I would love to win this money also, it will for sure change my life, my mom life, my brothers, and sister. Cause if I win it I will help them out, my mom don’t have a job, my sister is fighting to make it, she have 2 kids to take care of , my brothers are struggling, one is
    a alcoholIc and one is living with friends. As for me I work about 15 hours a week, I can hardly afford to take care of myself. I can go on and on about how this can help me big time, but so are many others on here. So I wish everyone luck, I wish we all can win it, that will be great.

  2. I’m a 69 yr old retired OTR trucker,& a disabled Vietnam vet,w/$5000 a week for life I’d make my family very happy in so many ways,& get myself & them as far out of dept as possible,& enjoy the rest of my life w/my sweet wife,& go so many places if we’re able,& do as many things as our health would allow.It would be a blessing indeed.

  3. I’d like to win for my kids and fiancee’! They mean the most to me and I use to see my mother and grandmother play this all the time gut they are ho longer with me. This would be something for them to see looking down from up above. I pray this will happen for my family and I!! It would be a testimony to the one’s in my family who played before me!!! Thanks PCH!!!

  4. I am hopping I win..

    I lost my job and lost my mom this year I really could use this thank you pch for the chance

  5. I hope that I win! Thank you PCH again for a chance for my dreams to come alive !!!!! I have been so depressed when I couldnt get on line. But thought I would chance using my computer in safe mode and it worked!!!! I am so happy now!!!! I couldnt even stand to watch the comercial about the 5000 for life with PCH because I couldnt enter . But I can now and its not too late to enter!!! Thank you PCH for giving me so much to look forward too!! The real prize though is of course the PCH PRIZE PATROL !!! I love you!!!!

  6. I really need to win $5,000.00 EVERY WEEK FOR LIFE to seriously rescue my more than hundred relatives in the worst economic country in the world,, a country with more than (90% unemployed people, a country withou jobs and domestic currency, a country whose economy collapsed since 2008!

  7. That $5000.00 for us would be a God send, I lost my son and his wife, now we are raising our grand children. and my daughter is their gaurdian now. and my husband and I help take care of them while my daughter works. it would help take care of them for what they need and want. God Bless you all
    and good luck !!