Win a $5000 A Week For Life Weekly Paycheck!

Win our $5000 A Week For Life Online Sweepstakes and get a weekly paycheck doing nothing for the money!

Win our $5000 A Week For Life Online Sweepstakes and get a weekly paycheck doing nothing for the money!

Want to get a weekly paycheck but do nothing for the money? Enter to win our Online Sweepstakes today!

TGIF! I just love Friday! And judging by the other folks I know who say TGIF, I’m pretty sure it’s most people’s favorite day of the week. Not just because it kicks off the weekend (and who doesn’t love the weekend?), but also because it means that after a week’s worth of hard work, for those who are paid weekly, it’s finally payday!  And who doesn’t love getting paid?

But just imagine how much more exciting it would be to get a weekly paycheck for $5000 every week for the rest of your life – without even working hard for it. That’s right, I mean doing absolutely nothing for the money! I know it seems like a far-fetched fantasy, but that’s exactly what it’d be like to win the Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes for $5000 A Week For Life!

Can you even imagine how secure your financial future would be with a weekly paycheck like that? I mean those checks for $5000, week after week after week, would sure add up fast! In just one year, the checks would amount to a nest egg of over a quarter million dollars!  In just four years, the checks would amount to over a million!  In ten years, over 2 ½ million dollars of checks!  And your fortune would just keep growing and going, on and on and on, for the rest of your life!

The best part is, all you have to do to put yourself in the running for a life’s worth of nothing for the money paychecks is enter to win our Online Sweepstakes! You can enter online every day of the week at or at our search engine PCH Search and Win. It’s fast, and did I mention, absolutely free? What an easy way to secure yourself the financial future you’ve always wanted!

So if you dream of getting a weekly paycheck while doing nothing for the money, enter to win $5000 A Week For Life from Publishers Clearing House!  Don’t delay because the deadline for online sweepstakes entry is 8/22/11.  Pretty soon, you could have the financial future of your dreams!

Until then, everybody say it with me, TGIF!
Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. If i had a chance to win i would become a blessing to many people. i have always beeen the persin to give and give some more. i been struggling thiese past few years with work school and my 8 year old daughter and now i have a 3month old son and its hard. i been trying to best at caring for them and i recently had to move back in with my mother and she works so hard working so much overtime to provide for mt younger brother an sister and in nursing school full time. i just pray im the winner so i can help take a load off of her back.

  2. Dear PCH Staff,

    Did a matching/winning number get selected for the PCH No. 1400 Giveaway yesterday for $5,000 A Week For LIfe?

    Curious and hopeful winners to be would like to know!

    Please do update with a follow up comment.

    Will there Really be a $5,000 A Week For LIfe WInner on August 31st, 2011?

    Many Thanks!


    Alice B.

    1. Hi Alice,

      Unfortunately we do not have access to that information at this time. This information will be available on August 31st. Best of luck!

      Rod @ PCH

  3. if i wone would help some people out that needed it god says give thanks for ever thing pch keep up the good work think your doing a great thing giving this money to people that needs it

  4. how do i know i won the 5000 a weeek? is there a winning number and how i do check that? where do i go. i entered and used the pch search engine. i just dont want to be of those people who won and never knew that they won.

    1. @ Ja,

      The winner of any PCH SuperPrize, any prize over $10,000 will be notified in person by the Prize Patrol. The Prize Patrol will find the winner and make sure they know that they’ve won!

  5. With the amount of people on the world, I’m sure there can never be a ruling on who deserves what as I’ve read through great deal of people who apparently need this. I am a wrongfully discharged, unemployed, homeless and tabooed (in society) individual supporting a 1 year old son, stuck in the states, unable to go back home to P.R. I have God, and through him I’ve been able to live day by day through the hardships. I trust his will, whether or not I win this contest. It would be the ultimate blessing. So much taboo in society hinders me from getting a job, so much legal discrimination. After I served the country proudly…..I am in hope’s of seeing ya’ price patrol. But if not, congratulations to whomever wins.

  6. I’m sure you have heard this before, but yes I’ve never won a contest before. I have enter this one because I have a feeling that just maybe I have a chance to win. If so, I want to help my son and save my home. I live aalone and I’m not getting any younger. I have help so many people and yet I have no one to help me. I let a homesless lady stay in my home while I went to take care of my mother and she ruin it. Trying to put it back together has cost me more than I have. I only work part time a Dennys as hostess and need the money badly. I have to help my son who is trying so hard, and dealing with his stomach cancer. I’ve been told it’s a waste of time but I have to believe in something..

  7. i have never one at anything in my life and i have lost friends over trying to win now it is time for me to show them that there is a pch and that you can realy win so let me be your spokes person and then mabe thay will start to believe then.i will surley spread the news.your friend

  8. i think i would need 5 minutess to relize it was for real if i won , for someone who was forced to stop working 10 yers ago due to a bad back and now lives off social security disablity which is about 200 a wek , i need to win this to surviv i been stressed about my finacial future for years now , i worked from age 17 to 31 and then got hurt but did not have the luck to get a big check or severance i waited for ssd to kick in for 2 and a half years for my 200 a week that supports me ,my wife and is supposed to help out my moher and daughter as well but how far can 200 a week go , so yes im in a hole and life seems screwed right now so winning a prize would change my situation and hlp not just me but my family as well and i would plan to start some no profit buisness if i win to keep busy put alot of people to work and give back to society because i truely believe if i was to be blessed with winning it’s my duty to heelp others , so starting up a couple buisnesses is a gret way to put people to work who really need it , if any one knows what it is like to be broke it’s me and broke means not even silver change in your pocket , i live that every month once i pay my bills and it’s not fun . so i guess my chance of winning is just as good as anyoe’s right ,,, so im just hoping at the end of august that van winds up looking for me , that would truely be something …

  9. Just the thought of winning is stressful. That money would do so much for me and many others. $5,000.00 a week for the rest of my life! There really isn’t any words that could explain how you would truly feel. That’s why so many winners are speechless and trying to figure out if they’re dreaming or not. Congrats to the future winner, and I hope you change lives and make a difference.