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  1. The feeling I’m having about now just isn’t good, because I’ve felt this feeling more than 3x’s before and I’M not a millionaire yet. ya know I’m pretty disappointed how I put my all into winning this, “Seriously” I believe I surprised a few people where the PCH team got together and discussed things. I know better than think like [DAFFY DUCK] ,”mine ,mine, all mine”lol…… but I sorta did. And even though the game still going on ,well daffy duck makes me laugh, so until the name of the winner is named i’ll just beat that o’ll ugly word “LOSER’ with my stick. HAHAHAAH!!!!!! I do hope that it is me, we all NEED,WANT,DREAM, and Pray the samething right now ,let it be me!!, I won’t go on about needing it for this that or the other but I will say good luck to everyone and congrats to the ones that already have been named a winner. Good – nite. See you on the play-ground!!

  2. Staff made me Knock Knock NBC CBS Dream Role Mega Wife Pch Woman Ms Dynasty PcH Reality Star top 1 Percent