A Million Dollar Winner’s 2nd Anniversary Thanks

Million Dollar Winner Stephanie Gornichec and her husband Shaun were surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol with a life-changing SuperPrize two years ago this month.

Million Dollar Winner Stephanie Gornichec and her husband Shaun were surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol with a life-changing SuperPrize two years ago this month.  For this lucky Idaho couple that winning moment (visible at pchtv.com “Prize Patrol to the Rescue”) has brought the Gornichecs financial security plus the freedom to “go adventuring.”

Life-changing high points for the Gornichecs include (1) tremendous economic relief for Stephanie — who had lost her job the year before and was in need of financial security, (2) the immediate removal of the For Sale sign in front of their house, (3) a trip to Chicago to appear with the Prize Patrol on the Windy City’s most famous national TV talk show, and (4) starting an online golfing business called Golf Addicts. (http://golfaddicts.com/).

Stephanie has kept in touch with us regarding their adventures and never fails to express to PCH her gratitude for their good fortune from the life-changing SuperPrize.  Her most recent email says “We once again thank you and the Prize Patrol for the blessings you brought that day, and we thank you every day.”

As you would expect, Million Dollar Winner Stephanie is a big fan of Publishers Clearing House.  The Gornichecs’ website, golfaddicts.com, includes a personal testimonial about PCH that will urge you to enter the PCH sweepstakes – just in case my encouragement is not enough!  Click here for the link.

Stephanie will also be featured on an October telecast of “The Lottery Changed My Life” on The Learning Channel.   Stay tuned for a specific airdate and time.

How would YOU like to win a life-changing SuperPrize like Million Dollar Winner Stephanie?  Believe me: it can happen.  But you must ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  And that’s easy.  A simple click on this link to pch.com will get you started.   Enter the SuperPrize Sweepstakes today and every day for more chances to win!  Your own winning moment could be just around the corner.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S.  To read Prize Patrol updates from the road and watch the winning moment video of our next millionaire SuperPrize winner, go to the PCH Facebook Fan page on August 31, 2011!


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  2. Congratulations to all the winners but Dave Sayers I really need to win I live on disability and $1 million dollars would go a long way to changing my life.Please choose me.

  3. 😀 Hi Colette!!
    Hello Deborah!

    Dave, I’d LOVE to win! That’s why I enter so much!
    admiring the Gornichec fam! love how they’ve opened up their own biz!!!

  4. Maureen, be sure you have that uplifting music ready to turn on and play it when you are dancing with Dave, doggies. and kitty. LOL.

    1. Thanks Collette!!!!

      For giving me SOO much encouragement!!

      I am a classical music kind of person & Josh Groban is my favorite up to date singer..

      I don’t know if we could dance to that!!??

      But I will find SOMETHING!!!! If that time comes!!!!

      Good Luck to ALL.


  5. Mauren, Thanks for the reply. I understand the discouragement of some people but my advice to you is Don’t give up.Remember, A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. Our time will come sooner or later. Hang in there. Never lose hope. I love to see you win and dance on tv when you see the three musketeers. LOTSA LUCK again. Food for thought and something to think about. COLETTE

  6. I just received a phone call from American Bank that I won $250,000 from Readers Digest and PCH sweepstakes. Call 1-800-538-9001 – called the number, they keep hanging up on me when I ask for a Supervisor. I’m to send them $2,500 before I can collect my money. Please notify everyone that this scam is going on. They had to get my phone number and information from PCH

    1. Hi Louise,

      That definitely sounds like a scam! At Publishers Clearing House the winning is always free and we would never require any money, tax, fee or payment be made to collect a prize. Winners of $500.00 or more from the real Publishers Clearing House are notified by registered mail and winners of $10,000 or more would be notified in person by our famous Prize Patrol with no advance notice.

      Scam artists will use company names that are identical or very similar to well-known, legitimate sweepstakes operators to try to fool you. They do this because well-known, legitimate companies, such as Publishers Clearing House, have a lot of consumers that use their services, and chances are good that they will come across someone who has used the companies’ services previously.

      Publishers Clearing House cares about consumers and has long been committed to their education and protection, especially when it comes to sweepstakes promotions. We are a proud member of the Federal Trade Commission’s Partnership for Consumer Education. We’ve also been instrumental in helping state and federal authorities identify and prosecute sweepstakes scam artists, due in part to information consumers like you have provided.

      At Publishers Clearing House, we treat the fraudulent use of our name seriously. We keep track of these incidents and work closely with the law enforcement and consumer protection community to share this information. We recommend that you also report this incident to the National Fraud Center at http://www.fraud.org

      We have reported the information you have provided and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. For future reference, anyone who believes they have been the victim of a fraudulent contact using the name of Publishers Clearing House, may contact us immediately at our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190 and anyone who believes they have received a suspicious email using our name and logo, may forward it to our fraud reporting mailbox, abuse@pch.com. We also encourage consumers to visit the Consumer Affairs section on our website at info.pch.com, where there is more valuable information on how to protect oneself and avoid falling victim to sweepstakes scams.

      Stay safe!
      Jodi @ PCH