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  1. I am in expectation waiting for PCH to knock on my door, my husband laughs at me saying, “You know they are a scam just taking your money”, but I am keeping the faith .I have been playing PCH since 1987 even tho my name has changed over the years. Since I have retired, it would be beautiful to pay off my house and my Mothers house so she could be stress free since she had a small budget that she lives on. My mother and I both say we are going to be the next winner of PCH $1 Million dollar give away. encouraging each other to “KEEP THE FAITH”. Help is on the way.

  2. I really like this wtiring style.It is so entertaining. By the way, I like ” pa war” especially after arriving in the US.May be it is because I wanna hide my neck or that the weather is cold, or both. Iora

  3. Im sending yall some koolaid in the mail just in case yall get thirsty on the way to my house…I will be waiting with the sugar…PChcheck ur mail …lol really….ha ha yes…very silly…have a great day